The lunch is packed, the bunny rabbit ears are tied and the rucksack is ready to go – kids have gone back to school and with it has come a lot of tears and a whole lot of cuteness.

Of course, documenting the monumental journey in the lives of the children and parents involved is our old trusty-worthy friend Instagram, with the hashtag #BackToSchoolDubai trending in the UAE.

In fact the social media platform liaised with some of the top ‘Mummy bloggers’ in Dubai to create the hashtag to help savour the special memories as a modern day scrapbook.

Here are some of the most adorable images:

We want to go to this kid’s school

School lunch has changed since our days


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Do Children In The UAE Start School Too Early?

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Back to school routines are tough for some

These siblings are ready for some education

These siblings are not so similar in their school views (notice the boy in the left corner?)

When mummy calls in the help of the pet pooch to wake up the kids

Have you kids gone back to school this week? Share your most memorable moments and don’t forget to hashtag #BackToSchoolDubai.

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