Author and women’s rights activist Myrna Trad Haddad sets her sights on bold, new ambitions in the beauty industry.

What do the first 30 minutes of your day look like, your morning routine?

I personally love making the bed, opening the blinds, or reading a chapter before I get my day started. You could do a 5-minute stretch, meditate or do a quick workout. As long as you’re moving your body, you’ll wake up faster.

You’re a women’s rights activist and an accomplished author – what drives these passions?

I mentioned in my books many subjects that people still consider taboo. For example, under the law, women aren’t well-protected from domestic sexual and economic violence. Both of these types of violence affect a woman’s safety and freedom. Increasing women’s legal rights keeps them safe and able to be productive and happy. These include the right to live, free from violence and discrimination; to enjoy the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health; to be educated; to own property; and to earn an equal wage. We need feminism today because women are constantly seen as the inferior gender even when we are at the top of our game.

You’re able to think outside the box – have you always been able to do this, and how has it served you?

By finding new and innovative ways to deal with challenges. In my society, being indifferent to rules and standards imposed on me by others, and not doing things my own way made me feel insecure, inferior and unproductive. It took me a long lonely way to get out of the bubble I was buried in and it took me years to understand that courage to own and draw your life earns you a sense of freedom and it’s worth it.


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How did you know it was the right time to launch a luxury skincare brand and what was the catalyst for this?

This rise of female-founded businesses in the skincare space got me thinking I could do that, and I should. Since I was a teenager, I had very low self-esteem – I hated my skin, my pimples, and imperfections. I grew up trying to find beauty in me. After launching my books, I decided to develop the skincare line I always dreamed of. I spent hours on researchers, meeting with suppliers from around the world, consulting experts, travelling and discovering. I engaged a bunch of experts to help make sure The Buff is a beautiful, quality product ready for sale.

Tell us more about the concept – what are the pillars of DNA that define the brand?

My skincare products include miracle serums, anti-ageing moisturisers, exfoliator, eye creams, and eye patches. It contains rich multivitamins and enzymes that play a special role in the delay of the skin’s biological clock, basically intense anti-ageing that only can be used during nighttime, adding a secret ingredient that is specifically and specially designed exclusively for my brand that delivers a brighter skin complexion.

What lifestyle habits that support your skin are non-negotiable?

Always go to bed having cleansed your skin and don’t skip your sunscreen. Healthy fats are also very good for you so make sure you eat nutritious, an unhealthy diet always shows on your face.

Throughout your career, what has been the most remarkable hard-earned moment?

The day I decided to leave my average robotic 9-to-7 job and travel to a new country ready to explore and experience new challenges.

What have been some of the hurdles you’ve experienced in your journey so far and how did you overcome them?

I’m a loving and giving person and in the past, I have learned some hard experiences. I know who to trust and how to manage toxic people.

“Don’t get stuck behind your fears, you need to follow your heart in some cases because with high risk comes great return and nothing good comes easily.”

This is The Fearlessness Issue – what does it mean to be fearless?

Fearless for me is doing something without knowing the end result, and in my opinion nothing in this world is guaranteed. Don’t get stuck behind your fears, you need to follow your heart in some cases because with high risk comes great return and nothing good comes easily.

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