“You are a true fighter, my friend.”

Stars of the Arab World have been sharing their messages of love and support to Elissa, who this week revealed her secret battle with breast cancer.

The Lebanese singer shared her journey for the first time in the music video for her latest single, Ila Kol Elli Bihebbouni. The seven-minute clip begins by showing Elissa undergoing an MRI scan on December 26, 2017, as she questions whether she will ever be able to see the people she loves again.

Thankfully, the star reveals at the end of the video, “I’ve recovered, I’ve beaten the illness, and I won.”

Elissa’s emotional video has led to an outpouring of support, with several of the star’s peers taking to social media to pen touching tributes.

Lebanese singer Elissa reveals her secret battle with breast cancer
Nancy Ajram is expecting her third child

“Thank God for your recovery, wish you a healthy and prosperous life and praying to god to help all in need,” wrote Lebanese pop star Nancy Ajram.

Daniella Semaan, wife of Spanish football star Cesc Fabregas, shared a photo of her friend, describing her as a “super woman”.

Lebanese popstar Maya Diab similarly said Elissa was an “inspiration” and an example of a “strong woman”.

Elissa’s fellow judges on The Voice: Ahla Sawt also showed their support to their co-star.

“Although I’ve known how strong you are, you still manage to surprise me,” wrote Egyptian singer Mohamed Hamaki. “You are an amazing person with a wonderful heart, full of love and faith to everyone around you. You are a true fighter, my friend.”

Lebanese singer Assi El Helani said he hoped Elissa’s days would now be “full of joy and happiness”.

Emirati star Ahlam told Elissa: “We are all with you.”

Meanwhile, Elissa has thanked the director of her music video, Angy Jammal, saying he “translated my feelings in the best way possible”.

“You are a genius, and a true friend, and a very talented artist,” she said.

The video has had over 5.5 million views since it was uploaded on August 7.

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Main image: Instagram