Angelina Jolie and Versace

Angelina Jolie turns 40 today (June 4), but how well do you know the star who has been gracing our screens since 1982? Take our quiz and find out…

It’s a landmark day for Hollywood’s undisputed leading lady Angelina Jolie who is 40 and still as fabulous as ever. From Tomb Raider pin up to one of the world’s most influential and inspirational women, Angelina has plenty to celebrate as she hits the big 4-0.

Angelina’s story has included a wild child past, one of the hottest Hollywood love stories of all time, seven children, charity work, awards, controversies and lately some difficult and admirable decisions for the sake of her health.

While she will be quietly celebrating her big day with husband Brad Pitt and their children, Angelina is still very much at the top of the A-list.

Angelina Jolie and hubby Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie and hubby Brad Pitt

From her outspoken, quirky and often dark beginning, to being a celebrated global ambassador for conservation, refugees, education and women’s rights, Angelina is set to keep on breaking down barriers and redefine the role of a Hollywood star like no other actress in recent times.

As Angelina hits her milestone birthday, join her birthday celebrations with our quiz to find out just how much you know about the biggest Hollywood icon of them all.


1. Which 1999 movie earned Angelina three top awards; a Golden Globe, SAG Award and an Oscar?

A: Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

B: Girl, Interrupted

C: Salt


2. For which international organisation has Angelina been a passionate ambassador over the past decade?

A: Greenpeace

B: The United Nations

C: World Wildlife Fund


3. Who did Angelina Jolie sensationally kiss on the Oscar red carpet in 2000?

A: Her father

B: Brad Pitt

C: Her brother

Angelina Jolie

Angelina in Maleficent

4. Which of Angelina’s daughters starred opposite her as a young Princess Aurora in the Disney movie Maleficent in 2014?

A: Shiloh

B: Vivienne

C: Zahara


5. Angelina and Brad finally tied the knot last year but how long have they been a couple?

A: Ten years

B: Five years

C: 15 years


6. Which supermodel did Angelina portray in her breakthrough acting role in 1998?

A: Gia Carangi

B: Kate Moss

C: Gisele Bundchen


7. Angelina will appear in her first movie since recovering from her second round of cancer preventive surgery later this year. What is the name of the film that sees Angelina as director as well as co-star to Brad?

A: X Men: Apocalypse

B: Unbroken

C: By The Sea


8. Which co-star did Angelina say the following about: “He’s just such a nice guy. He’s so funny and so fun to hang out with. He’s just that friend you’re so happy to come to work and do scenes with.”

A: Johnny Depp

B: Colin Farrell

C: Daniel Craig


9. How many Golden Globe nominations has Angelina received in total?

A: Three

B: 14

C: Seven


10. Angelina’s famous actor father is who?

A: Clint Eastwood

B: Jon Voight

C: Dennis Hopper


11. In 2001, Angelina and her then husband, Billy Bob Thornton, signed their wills using what as ink?

A: Blood

B: Oil

C: Sweat


12. How many of Angelina and Brad’s seven children are biological?

A: Four

B: Five

C: Three


13. Angelina keeps her skin glowing by treating herself to what type of facial?

A: Nightingale Poo Facial

B: Raindrop Facial

C: Vampire Facial


14. Which exercise does Angelina confess to loathing?

A: Yoga

B: Running

C: Kickboxing

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie’s bling ring

15. The engagement ring that Brad had designed for Angelina is estimated to be worth how much?

A: US$1,000,000

B: US$75,000

C: US$250,000


16. In her wild days, Angelina confessed to collecting what?

A: Knives

B: Art

C: Dead insects


17. Brad is rumoured to be buying what as a present for Angelina’s 40th birthday?

A: A Castle

B: A vintage plane

C: Chocolates


18. Which British actor was Angelina’s first husband, between 1996 and 1999?

A: Ewan McGregor

B: Benedict Cumberbatch

C: Jonny Lee Miller


19. Which movie project inspired Angelina to say: “In the back of my mind, I wanted to make a film that would help my boys become better men. They know the story, so I’m able to say to them that it’s not bad to be full of fire – it’s what you choose to do with that fire.”

A: In The Land Of Blood And Honey

B: Unbroken

C: Changeling


20. Angelina attended which school from the age of 11-years-old?

A: Stella Adler Academy Of Acting and Theatre, Los Angeles

B: Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, New York

C: The Actors Studio, New York


21. Angelina’s favourite colour is what?

A: Black

B: Purple

C: Red


22. The rebellious Hollywood star has which rule when it comes to money?

A: “Save one-third, live on one-third and give away one-third.”

B: “Donate as much as you can to charity and others in need.”

C: “Spend everything you have because you only live once!”


23. On which movie did Angelina and Brad meet and fall in love?

 A: Turner & Hooch

B: Mr & Mrs Smith

C: Thelma & Louise


24. Angelina got super fit for her role as Lara Croft in Tomb Raider, but what discipline did she take up then and still do today?

A: Taekwondo

B: Zumba

C: Krav Maga

angelina jolie

Ange with Queen Elizabeth

25. In 2014, which title was awarded to Angelina by the Queen of England for her charity work?



C: Honorary Dame



1. B: Girl, Interrupted

2. B: The United Nations

3. C: Her brother

4. B: Vivienne

5. B: Ten years

6. A: Gia Carangi

7. C: By The Sea

8. A: Johnny Depp

9. C: Seven (nominated for seven Golden Globes in total and has won three)

10. B: Jon Voight

11. A: Blood

12. C: Three

13. B: Raindrop Facial

14. A: Yoga

15. C: US$250,000

16. A: Knives

17. B: A Vintage Plane (and flying lessons too!)

18. C: Jonny Lee Miller

19. B: Unbroken

20. B: Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute New York

21. A: Black

22. A: “Save one-third, live on one-third and give away one-third”

23. B: Mr & Mrs Smith

24. C: Krav Maga

25. C: Honorary Dame



0-6 Gone In Sixty Seconds! You may not want to have Salt rubbed into your wounds, but you definitely have no knowledge when it comes to Hollywood’s biggest leading lady. One might question where you have been for Angelina’s 20-year career. Maybe you have been concentrating more on Brad’s pecs than brushing up on his wife’s achievements!

 7-13 The Tourist! You are Unbroken but nowhere near knowledgable enough to call yourself a true Brangelina buff. Maybe you were caught out by some of the more obscure questions, but your knowledge is patchy to say the least. Be sure to mark Angelina’s milestone birthday with a marathon movie night, read up on some background information and then try again!

14-19 Hackers! You can almost call yourself a super fan, and you may be on the Wanted list, but you just missed out on being an Angelina expert by a narrow margin. Attention to detail will ensure that you achieve a higher score next time around, so re-watch some classic Angelina movies.

20-25 You are simply Maleficent when it comes to all things Angelina Jolie. You have obviously been following the superstar since the beginning of her career and have a great wide range of knowledge of her highs and lows. Have your birthday cake and eat it, and make sure to toast Ange’s big 4-0 with a glass of fizz and your favourite Jolie flick. Cheers!


Words: Georgina Bearns/Feats Press