Gaia Repossi, the Creative Director of contemporary jewellery brand Repossi, shares her daily beauty and wellness rituals.

What does your morning routine look like?

I wake up and do traditional ASHTANGA yoga practice called Mysore. I then have a matcha latte and a bite to eat before running to the creative studio. Usually, I design or sketch in the mornings and then I have meetings in the afternoon.

Talk us through your favourite skincare products.

I don’t have a wide list of skincare products as I like a simple, natural look. I’m also paying attention to the number of skincare products that I have and try to keep it to a minimum. I mainly use 80 per cent organic products for hair, body and face. My favourite products are organic rose water and a shampoo bar from Odacité. For makeup I use only Gucci Westman’s products from her brand Westman Atelier, I love the Vital Skin Foundation sticks in shade III and her Baby Cheeks blush stick in Minette (bright orange). I also wear very few lipsticks but there is one that I’ve discovered and love, it’s the Gucci lipstick by Thomas de Kluyver. I have it in Agathe Orange and Carol beige.

Rouge à Lèvres Mat Lipstick in Agatha Orange 302 Dhs165 Gucci Beauty


Baby Cheeks Blush Stick in Minette Dhs220 Westman Atelier

Do you have any evening rituals?

When I come back home, I meditate or lie down to relax for a while. I like to play music and read too. Before bed, I always clean my face with Green Ceremony cleanser from Odacité so I have a fresh complexion in the morning.

Green Ceremony Cleanser Dhs291 Odacité at Apotheca Beauty

How do you approach makeup?

I’m lucky to have easy skin and no acne, so I don’t use a lot of makeup and tend to keep my look very natural. I use concealer and sometimes if needed, I use foundation to smooth out the complexion. If I want to create more of an evening look I would add a piece of jewellery, a diamond earring, for example, to bring light to the face before applying some lipstick.

Talk us through your hair routine.

I’m trying to reduce the number of products I’m using so I stick to the shampoo bar from Odacite. It works well on my hair and it’s easy to take when I travel. I also regularly apply jojoba oil mixed with ylang-ylang that I find in organic stores. The same person in Paris, Remy Faure, has maintained my hair colour for the past 14 years and I only need to see him four times a year.

Soap Free Shampoo Bar Dhs107 Odacité

What do you use to unwind?

I use yoga. I also like to be out in wilderness or remote places to detach from it all. I need this type of solitude.

Do you vary your practice throughout the week?

Yes, I adapt my practice depending on the moment of the day and the day of the week. I also pay attention when there is a full moon or new moon. Traditionally, the practice is a sequence cut to your level and I’m alternating between half primary and half secondary all week. The first half focuses on the hips and the second half on backbends. On Friday the tradition is to practice the entire first series and then I have one day off. I also don’t practice yoga on the full moon and new moon days.

What type of practice do you turn to calm your mind?

Meditation, but yoga is a moving meditation if you connect the breath to the movements.

When did you journey with yoga begin and how has it benefited your lifestyle?

I started Hatha yoga at 14, so it has been a while now. I was 21 when I began a serious ASHTANGA practice with my teacher Eddie Stern that I met in New York. I still follow his classes online.

What is your go-to daytime fragrance?

I use mainly essential oils, I love ylang-ylang scents.

Ylang Ylang, Vetivert & Tonka Bean Natural Wellbeing Fragrance Dhs192 NEOM Organics

Are you a fan of candles, and if so which are your favourites?

I have a candle called Chai from Byredo that I love. I also have an organic candle from Mahala London called Warming.

Chai candle Dhs284 Byredo

Describe for us your bathroom design and inspiration.

My house is being re-done at the moment and should be ready for the end of the year. I’m looking forward to discovering my new bathroom but as far as I can say is that the inspiration comes from Japanese’s essentialism, very pure and simple lines.

Let’s talk diet, when did you switch to a vegan lifestyle and impact has it had on your overall wellbeing?

About 10 years ago I discovered a new world that went beyond my convictions. The first reason why I became vegan if for animal and environmentalist values. It then affected everything after including my skin, my digestive system, my immunity, mood and much more.

Your go-to vegan dish?

While I lived part-time in the US, especially between LA and New York, I’ve discovered in LA Matthew Kenney’s restaurant. I liked it so much that I then took his online courses. I learned different recipes and now I know how to make quinoa and beetroots burgers patties. I love cucumber and avocado tartare.

What other wellbeing elements do you implement in your lifestyle?

I love reiki sessions to connect energy balances in the body. It’s very subtle but I love this Tibetan tradition. I have been seeing a couple of masters for the past 10 years. I come out of a two-hour session as I rested for two days. It feels good and helps me to reconnect to myself. I also enjoy Tibetan massages with this therapist in Paris called Tsering.

When are you at your happiest?

Away, in the peace and calm.

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Feature image: Supplied Photography by David Sims