Fashion designer, influencer and YouTube sensation Alanoud Badr, better known as Lady Fozaza, has her aims on getting the UAE fit following her own dramatic transformation.

Alanoud Badr has launched Fozaza Fit, a new health channel and social media account that offers advice and inspiration for getting fit. “I want to share my life, my experience and my goals,” said Alanoud. “Fitness and healthy eating right is something I’m really involved.”

fozaza fit, alanoud badr

Alanoud Badr is an ardent gym bunny

The fashion designer decided to launch Fozaza Fit after receiving lots of questions and requests for tips after dropping an impressive 17kg. “I figured having all the answers to everyone’s questions in one place could help, and people loved it,” she added.

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While Alanoud is now a fitness ambassador, she’s also an ambassador for Puma ME, her own weight loss journey was not an easy one after a combination of hormone tablets for her Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and depression saw her weight balloon. “I put on a good 15kg in a month,” she admitted.

fozaza fit, alanoud badr

Fozaza Fit offers nutritional and food tips

“I felt I was loosing control,” she added, “so it was basically a switch that came on in my head and I decided to try to find other ways to get rid of my PCOS via energy healing and alternative medicine, which worked and once that was out of the way I adopted a healthier lifestyle. I wanted something to last.”

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The petite beauty revealed she avoided the pitfalls of fad diets and instead started doing her research, “studying food in general and all the calorie intakes and good carbs versus bad carbs and good fat versus bad fat.” Eventually she was able to work out what her body responded to the best and also what she was intolerant to. Alanoud is now a big believer in eating according to your blood type.

fozaza fit, alanoud badr

Fozaza Fit is also a great source for at-home workout routines

After achieving her own health goals, Alanoud launched Fozaza Fit as a platform to share success stories, offer healthy recipes, inspirational quotes and nutritional advice. The Instagram page has already amassed 7,540 followers and is rapidly growing.

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Alanoud’s is a believer in the 30 per cent gym and 70 per cent food ratio. She has already ditched heavy carbs, even waxing lyrical of her cauliflower pizza crusts. “I slowly found ways to take myself away from comfort food like bad carbs and bring me back to the kinds of food that give you energy and fill you up while making you happy,” she said “I started making my own pizza using cauliflower crust instead of flour, and little things like that.”

fozaza fit, alanoud badr

Lady Fozaza before and after

She added: “Before I knew it, after a few months of eating right I felt I had to balance it with the right form of exercise to make sure I slowly turned my body into a fat burning machine with some light weightlifting and building some much needed muscle around my body, that way the one cheat meal a week will not only make my body happy, but it also mean I won’t put on the weight.”

fozaza fit, alanoud badr

It’s more about the diet than the gym

Judging from her before and after pictures it’s clear Alanoud Badr knows what she is doing. And a bit of inspiration and advice from Fozaza Fit certainly couldn’t do us any harm to get us up and about and moving in the gym. Thanks Lady Fozaza for being our virtual gym buddy.

fozaza fit, alanoud badr

Alanoud also offers healthy snack suggestions