More is more

While many choose to detox and declutter in the new year, we are taking a slightly different approach, especially when it comes to jewellery.

AJ Jewelry saudi arabia

The luxury world of diamonds and gold has been flirting outrageously with maximalism, focusing on stacking as well as mixing and matching. The rulebook is out of the window, making way for indulgent layering. One brand that recently crossed our radar is AJ Jewelry from Saudi Arabia.

It made a name for itself when launched in 2015 thanks to it’s sold out bar bracelet. AJ’s signature stacking bracelets come in variations of rose, yellow and white gold, embellished with micro-set diamonds. Each of the three unique designs is inspired by the dunes, starry desert sky and the architecture of Al-Khobar – the designers home city. Various finishes make them ideal for stacking without overwhelming.

AJ Jewelry saudi arabia

Alanoud and Aljazi Althunayan are the creative souls behind the brand, and are regularly inspired by traditional family values of gifting and passing down of jewellery as a sign of love. Their artistic thinking twists those traditions into contemporary pieces that have a cross-generational appeal.

They have continued to expand their collections by introducing colourful precious gems such as Malachite, which are hand chosen and cut to be both eye-catching and modern. Their jewellery is designed for the everyday, playfully stacked, mixed, matched and collected.

AJ Jewelry saudi arabia

The last two pieces are from their latest line THE BUBBLE COLLECTION which will be out in January. They wanted create bubbles with diamonds in a 3D effect that expresses the feeling of happiness and excitement while maintaining an elegant charm. It was designed for unwinding and displaying a bright and bubbly personality.

Even a minimalist won’t be able to resist

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