As one of the most anticipated film festivals of the year, Cannes annually takes place in France. The red carpet witnesses global celebrities arrive at the festival’s various events, including film premieres and photo calls.

The red carpet has become a pivotal part of the festival’s cultural significance. In the last couple of years, important figures from the glamour world have used it as a platform to make political statments or create awareness about important issues through their sartorial choices.

While it is a celebration of films, fashion is an equally important part of the festival. It is the perfect occasion for designers to showcase the best of their creations on muses they decide to dress. Besides the red carpets, celebrities are constantly seen attending parties, brand events and even media interactions, where they are expected to bring their A-game.

The over-arching theme is always elegance, but it’s interesting to see celebrities either take the mordern route or dig deep into the archives, serving some serious old-school style.

As we wait for this year’s red carpet to officially kick-off from May 16, 2023, here are some of favourite looks from over the year.

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Images: Feature Image: Instagram @aasthasharma