Abu Dhabi Airport’s latest expansion, the Dhs11 billion Midfield Terminal Building (MTB) is one step closer to completion.

The steel structure of the new MTB’s central processor roof has now been completed, with the last piece of metal having been put in place last month.

Abu Dhabi Airport's Midfield Terminal Building

Abu Dhabi Airport’s Midfield Terminal Building (shot taken in January)

The roof, spanning 319 metres at its widest point is made up of 18 arches, the largest of which stretches 180 metres wide and stands 52 metres high.

With the main steel structure of the central processor’s roof now completed, the next step will be to remove all the roof’s supports and ‘de-prop’ the final arch in the central processor.

Chief Programs Officer at Abu Dhabi Airport, Sulaiman Al Siksek said: “We are delighted to have achieved this milestone, as we can now move forward with the closure of the central processor area by completing all de-propping works for the roof by the end of this month.

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“Once the overall structural work and the closure of the building envelope are complete we will hand over the internal space to our concessionaires so they can commence the fit-out of their exceptional retail concepts.”

This flyover video released in May by Abu Dhabi Airports shows the progress made on the MTB so far.

The MTB, along with the Abu Dhabi International Airport’s existing terminals will serve the increasing number of passengers who fly through the capital each year.

In 2015, a record 23.3 million passengers passed through AUH as their origin, destination or transit point, with the number of travelers expected to surpass 45 million within the next 10 years.

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The MTB, when complete, will be the largest architectural structure in Abu Dhabi, visible from more than 1.5km away, and will be found between the two runways at AUH, providing a shorter journey from runway to parking stand, allowing for a quicker experience for passengers.

Abu Dhabi Airport

A rendering of the completed Abu Dhabi airport

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