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More of us are thoroughly analysing our personal lifestyle to see what we can do improve our immunity. Everyone is different, and levels of stress, hours of sleep and diet play a role in your overall wellbeing.

With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, around 18 local cafes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have joined an initiative to give away free immunity-boosting shots to customers. Amongst Few cafe already kicked things off by offering an immunity shot – consisting of Grapefruit juice, ginger juice, orange juice, pomegranate juice, lemon juice and maple syrup – with every breakfast, lunch and dinner main course for the rest of the month. Soon, venues such as Tom & Serg, Arrows & Sparrows, Boston Lane, The Lime Tree Cafe, and Cassette could be rolling out their immunity boosting shots.


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Vegan hotspot Wild & the Moon has a varied selection of immune boosting offerings such as Bam Shot which is a cold pressed juice made with lemon, turmeric, ginger and black pepper. Combined, these elements make an explosive anti-inflammatory cocktail that enhances your natural defenses. Wild & the Moon also offers Superfoods packed with probiotics, iron, vitamins, and minerals that help boost the immune system. These superfoods are formulated with the best nutrient-dense composition that fuels the immune system in the most effective way. Just one teaspoon in your favourite drinks or salads and watch the superfoods make a difference.

Here is what else you can do to boost your immune system.

Diet rich with antioxidants

Pack your trolley with green leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale, green tea, apples, variation of berries, dark chocolate, artichoke, coffee, kidney beans,  tomatoes, and oily fish like salmon.

Pass the garlic

Social distancing means you can eat as much garlic as you want without offending anyone. Why is it so good for you? It contains allicin that can prevents illness and infections, so here is a great Italian recipe packed with yammy garlic.


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Love your gut

Many underestimate the power of a healthy gut, but it contains over 70 percent of our immune cells in it’s walls. Well-oiled digestive system helps push toxins along and out of the body, and a fibre rich diet can help immensely. Add more whole grains, fruits, vegetables, dried beans and lentils into your diet and you can also introduce a probiotic.

Work up a sweat

We know the gyms are closed, but the weather is perfect so head out for an early morning brisk walk to boost circulation of white blood cells which tackle any sickness-causing pathogens. Weights and resistance training increasing heart rate and body temperature, which also kills bacteria, but some studies have shown that intense exercise of 75 minutes or more can compromise the immune system, so balance is key.

Catch those Z’s

Many of us don’t appreciate how important sleep is when it comes to overall wellbeing. Restful sleep helps body regenerate, and it boosts your immune system so try to get 7-8 hours of sleep a night.


Most of us in the UAE have Vitamin D deficiency, so adding this supplement into your diet will improve bone strength. Glutamine will enhance gut health, Vitamin C is your go-to for boosting energy, while Zinc is a key in supporting the immune cells’ activity.

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