From unhurried production levels, non-animal alternatives to consciously responsible working conditions — this curated edit is a good starting point for the modern man looking to lead a sustainable and mindful lifestyle.

Whether it’s ethically-made pieces that have a low environmental impact or essentials that are crafted to last years to come, these five menswear brands make it easy to embrace a sustainable and responsible way of living, without compromising on quality and style.


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Thoughtful Tailoring: Nanushka

Thoughtfully designed and crafted with consideration, Nanushka features minimal tailoring infused with a bohemian spirit.  It features vegan alternative fabrications to conventional materials in a neutral colour palette.


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Guilt-free Sleepwear: Tekla

Investing in sustainable sleepwear not only promotes comfort for restful moments but also guarantees peace of mind. Enter: Tekla, a Copenhagen-based lifestyle label that features unisex sleepwear made from organic cotton in neutral sleeptime shades.


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Sustainable Strides: Veja

Veja is the first sneaker brand to use recycled materials and transform them into pairs of lightweight, good-looking, better-than-leather sneakers. Since it launched, the brand continues to take further steps to improve its sustainable environmental practices.

Slow Living: By Japan

A Mr. Porter shop-in-shop that showcases a curation of authentic Japanese craftsmanship from niche brands and artisans in Japan. Featuring traditional pieces such as Hirota glassware and Jusengama pottery, these make a beautiful addition to your space and perfectly complement the slow-living aesthetic.


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Cozy and Conscious: Alanui

Painstakingly crafted with consideration, Alanui is a luxury sustainable brand with a free-spirited knitwear collection that incorporates responsible practices into its production process. Watch out for pieces with the “consciously crafted” label as these were made from conscious materials such as recycled cashmere and organic cotton.


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Mindful Grooming Must-Haves: Aesop

Switch up your roster for a more sustainable routine with Aesop, your go-to beauty brand with clean, plant-based formulations. Not only will it deliver exceptional efficacy, but it also looks aesthetically pleasing on your top shelves for an all-around elevated ritual.

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