Adam Brown and Laudomia Pucci

Take one founding father of jet-set chic (Emilio Pucci) and one ultra-hip Brit photographer-turned-designer (Adam Brown). Marry together their aesthetics, their philosophies and their equal dedication to the joy of travel and you have the brand new Emilio Pucci x Orlebar Brown capsule collection, just launched at Boutique 1.

The 20-piece range for both men and women features Orlebar Brown’s signature tailored swimshorts and long-sleeve tees, stamped with a modern take on Pucci’s iconic prints – the ones that summarised, and still summarise the golden age of travel, viewed through a soft-focus, Slim Aarons-style filter. Adam’s inspiration when founding his cult-cool label was exactly this kind of throwback Riviera glamour, so this coming together of both brands is a perfect match. 

Orlebar Brown x Emilio Pucci

Tops both Dhs1,090, Pink shorts Dhs1,260, Blue shorts Dhs1,160 All Orlebar Brown x Emilio Pucci at Boutique 1

Ahead of the launch event tonight, we spoke to Adam Brown and Laudomia Pucci (Emilio’s daughter and scion of the brand) about packing, holiday snaps and bucket-list destinations…

Emirates Woman: What can people take from it to make their holidays more glamorous?

Laudomia Pucci: Pucci is an incredible brand. It stands for jet set glamour as well as travel, holidays and good times. With Orlebar Brown we wanted to celebrate this.

EW: What items do you always pack in your hand luggage? 

LP: Emilio Pucci sunglasses, a cashmere Pucci two-tone scarf, my mascara, a black cashmere jersey and Guerlain bronzing powder. And in my suitcase I always pack a pair of flat shoes, black jersey leggings and a black jacket, a printed scarf and a few shirts – both plain and printed.

EWDo you have a secret when it comes to packing?

LP: I pack fast and in a small case as I’m so used to it! I’m also quite practical – looks need to mix and match and Pucci is made for this.

EW:  Did your father ever teach you anything about travelling in style?

LP: He taught me to pack light! My father first and then my husband after that both taught me to travel only with hand-luggage – no matter where you’re going!

EW: What’s your favourite holiday spot? 

LP: I love the warm sea. Either in Turks and Caicos, the Philippines, Italy or Greece.

EW: Is there anywhere you’ve yet to visit that’s on your bucket list?

LP: I don’t have a list. I’m too curious to give myself a limit like that!

Orlebar Brown x Emilio Pucci

Tops both Dhs1,090, Shorts Dhs1,160


Emirates Woman: How did you make the jump from photographer to fashion designer?

Adam Brown: It was during a particular holiday in 2005. Looking around the pool (maybe with too critical an eye), I thought the women in the group all looked great, but the men looked pretty dreadful. Although it was quite a design-led bunch of people, then men were either all in budgie-smuggler-type briefs, baggy, patterned boxer shorts or shapeless board shorts. I thought there has to be something more exciting. That’s where the idea of Orlebar Brown came from – we needed something well-fitted and tailored, quick drying and versatile.

EW: What’s your favourite photograph you’ve ever taken?

AB: A few years back I created a series of dog portraits, which we’ve now turned into a small collection for Orlebar Brown for summer 2015.

EW: What makes a good holiday photograph?

AB: Holiday snaps are quite subjective. Light is always important to make sure you’re always preserving the memory correctly. Avoid too dark or too light. Make sure you’re taking a photo of something you want to remember.

The Emilio Pucci x Orlebar Brown capsule collection will be available at Boutique 1.  Stayed tuned for all the images from the big reveal party….