As Emirates Woman marks its 40th anniversary, some of the incredible women we know and work with share their messages in celebration of this milestone.

Her Highness Sheikha Sana Al Maktoum
Founder of Sana Al Maktoum Fine Jewellery

Sheikha Sana Al Maktoum (1)

“I think the Emirates Woman brand has not only been instrumental, but integral in capturing the evolution of some truly inspirational women that have contributed to the UAE in various ways. The editors, writers, photographers, stylists and contributors have championed women from different backgrounds and have supported several women from the UAE royal family too by offering us a platform to express ourselves and what we have to offer. The legacy of the Emirates Woman brand is here to stay and I’m proud and thankful to be part of their storytelling and to receive their support in my entrepreneurial journey. Many congratulations to the amazing past and present contributors and editorial team on their success!”

Her Highness Sheikha Mariam bint Khalifa bin Saif Al Nahyan
Founder of MKS Jewellery

“A wonderful magazine that’s always at the forefront when it comes to highlighting the latest fashion trends and lifestyle choices here in the UAE, and in the wider Middle East. It’s a great place to keep your finger on what’s happening and to stay connected with new upcoming designers.”

Salama Khalfan
Founder of Salama Khalfan Fine Jewellery

Salama Khalfan

“Congratulations 40 years of aspiring and in- spiring in this region. I wish you the best for the next 40.”

Huda Kattan
Founder of Huda Beauty
@hudabeauty @huda

Huda Kattan CEO Huda beauty

Emirates Woman was one of the first titles that truly embraced us from the start. For 40 years, you at EW has done an incredible job highlighting and supporting women who, like me, have felt like they didn’t have a seat at the table. I look forward to breaking more boundaries and shattering stereotypes with EW in the next 40 years.”

Amna Al Habtoor
Founder of Arcadia

Amna Al Habtoor

“For over 40 years, Emirates Woman has been the platform that has highlighted women’s achievements and growth in the region. Its content has been inspirational to women with motivating stories, latest news and trends.”

Nisreen Shocair
CEO Middle East at YOOX NET-A-PORTER Group

“If there was a tagline it would be ‘Always here for us’. Emirates Woman has been there for us from the beginning. From highlighting the introvert and the extroverts amongst us to pushing women to new heights and show- ing that the Middle Eastern woman can be a fashion maven, a businesswoman, a dedicated mother and partner all at the same time. Emirates Woman also shows the vulnerabilities that are specific to us in the region.”

Asma Lootah
Founder of the Hundred Wellness Centre

Asma Hilal Lootah

“Congratulations – what an achievement! Having had the honour of being featured in your magazine and as an avid reader of Emirates Woman over the years, your platform has without a doubt advanced the empowerment of Arab women not just locally but globally. You have encouraged and developed the representation of Arab females and showcased their accomplishments and talents. Championing diversity, inclusivity, and the power of Arab women, Emirates Woman is a leader in integrating fashion, cultural and social topics into its content, one that is thought-provoking and relevant. You have spearheaded, recognized and celebrated successful entrepreneurs, de- signers, influencers and innovators in the region. Thank you for encouraging us to own the narrative and tell our story to the world.”

Maria Tash
Fine Jewellery Designer & Founder of Maria Tash

Maria Tash

“I am thrilled to be featured in Emirates Woman and admire what it represents in the UAE – a country that I love. EW is known for pushing boundaries and representing the many faces of the women in the Emirates, and the Maria Tash brand aligns on both these facets. In the Middle East, I can design boldly and have an audience that is forward-thinking and brave, similar to the Emirates Woman reader for the past 40 years. I am honoured to have a line of communication to the modern Arab woman through Emirates Woman.”

Amy Wilkinson-Lough
Founder of Project bYouty

Project bYouty Amy Wilkinson-Lough

Emirates Woman is the very definition of women supporting women. The entire team is gracious in glory, humble in their hustle and phenomenally proud of every story they put out – and let’s face it why wouldn’t they be, they just get better and better. I’ve lived here almost 20 years and for the first time in a very long time I see women in coffee shops, hair salons and no doubt far further afield actually reading a physical magazine; that magazine is always Emirates Woman. I’m beyond proud of Amy and the way she leads her team – she’s inspirational, being asked to do anything with the EW team or for EW in general is and always will be an absolute privilege.”

Ghizlan Guenez

“I personally see EW as a brand that is reflective of the UAE: it’s modern, it’s forward-thinking, but it has a strong DNA that is seen across its content and editorials. It’s one that has made supporting women part of their mission and I for one have experienced that firsthand. Wishing you incredible growth, continued success and all the best in your mission to combine beauty, substantial content and women empowerment.”

Amna Al Qubaisi
The first female Emirati racing driver

Amna Al Qubaisi

“I really love the EW brand and their work in recognizing women in many fields. I myself gained the knowledge of many other women through EW which I never knew of before. I’m super gratified with EW raising awareness and supporting many women, strictly speaking, I’m proud of EW for making a difference, pushing and inspiring many others.”

Yasmin Al Mulla
Co-Founder & Creative Director of YNM Dubai

Yasmin Al Mulla

“I am very grateful for the indescribable opportunities and overwhelming support throughout the years. The concept of the EW brand going up and beyond to support all women from a 360 perspective is nothing but truly admirable!”

Lyndsay Doran
Founder of L’Couture

Lyndsay Doran

“Congratulations on the milestone – what an achievement! Emirates Woman is a brand that is and has been the epitome of female grace, beauty and substance. It represents an array of incredible women from all walks of life, creating change in the region through fashion, entrepreneurship and representation. From shinning a light on up and coming talent to supporting small businesses, and showcasing stunning fashion features – EW is a trusted source of in- spiration, that supports women who are breaking moulds and crafting a better world.”

Sheikha Al Mheiri
Emirati Entrepreneur & Founder of MAD (Making A Difference) Hospitality


“A local publication which celebrates women from all walks of life, in the most elegant manner. Emirates Woman creates an international echo and footprint for local and regional talents and success stories.”

Julie Lemke
Founder of Her Skin Studio

EW is the original front runner and a true asset to our community. The EW brand is elegant, luxurious, timeless and aspiring to all women. The voice of Emirates Woman is so important and is not limited to the UAE – it can reach all borders globally and contribute to all women. You have created a beautiful platform for women to communicate their message in fashion, travel, beauty, wellness, lifestyle and everything in between. You inspire and encourage us, women, to grow, cherish and celebrate our life and success on a daily basis. And you do it in such a delicate and visual aesthetically pleasing way that makes us women proud of who we are!”

Alanoud and Aljazi Althunayan
Founders of AJ Jewelry

AJ Jewelry saudi arabia

EW is influential. They have always shown support and empowerment to women in the region. This influenced other women to stand out and follow their dreams. Empowered women empower women.”

Haneen Odeh
Founder of Snob Salon

Haneen Owner of Snob Salon

“The EW brand to me embodies what it means to be a modern woman in this diverse cosmopolitan city. It’s fresh and has its finger on the pulse yet in touch with the beautiful culture of the region. I appreciate that EW always strives to shine the spotlight on women in the region and giving them a platform to tell their story. Whether it’s an up and coming talent or a society icon, EW always brings the most relevant pieces to me!”

Dr Eng. Suaad Al Shamsi
The UAE’s first female aircraft engineer

“First, I congratulate Emirates Woman on the passing of 40 years in the region, of support, achievement and most importantly creativity with passion. Emirates Woman has given support to me and many Emirati women through coverage and through news and articles to reach many non-Arabic speakers, their vision to empower women and make a difference in all for everyone. The most amazing part is that they show everyone how amazing the UAE truly is. With EW on each page, you find passion, joy, happiness, innovation and feel the love.

Zeynab El Helw
Content Creator

“The Emirates Woman brand for me symbolises a timeless and distinctive woman that has endless possibilities. She really is the woman that we admire who connects modernity and modesty in this day and age. The Emirates Woman brand supports women in the region and beyond by offering a unique cultural diversity which spreads across ethnicities and nationalities.”

Fatma AlMheiri
Founder and Creative Director of Venus the Label & Communications Manager of Museum of the Future

Fatma Al Mheiri

“The title of the magazine itself is something I am so proud to relate to. It is a brand that empowers women all over the region, and it makes me so delighted to see so many influential women on its covers.”

Nouf Omar
The youngest female Emirati pilot

Nouf Omar

Emirates Woman is a great platform that showcases everything a woman can be interested in like fashion and beauty. It’s also a platform that radiates inspiration from every article you read especially the stories of unique women from the region and beyond.”

Marriam Mossalli
Founder of Niche Arabia

“What I love about Emirates Woman is that it truly is a platform that reflects the empowered Arab woman. It’s been an honour to be part of its 40-year journey, and I look forward to continuing to be inspired by the bold women featured within its pages.”

Sara Tamimi
Fashion Designer & Founder of Sara Tamimi

“Thank you Emirates Woman for keeping us females of the region your prime focus! Over the past 40 years, you have been supporting local talents and businesses with great force and unique content. P.S. We love all the exciting news on our country’s day-to-day updates.”

Hanan Mazouzi Sobati
Founder of Arabian Gazelles

Emirates Woman is at the forefront of publishing in the Middle East, dedicated to pro- viding readers innovative, inspiring in-depth stories of the many faces and nationalities of women in the Emirates, celebrating and supporting them!”