Dubai Design District (d3), home to the region’s community of creative thinkers have recently introduced a set of 21 ‘smart initiatives’ in an effort to develop an innovative business community and contribute towards Dubai’s idea of being one of the world’s ‘smartest’ cities.

d3 have partnered up with Smart Dubai, a group “whose mission is to create happiness through embracing technological innovation.”

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The new initiatives, which are built around Smart Dubai’s four pillars –efficient, seamless, safe and impactful – are made possible thanks to collaborations with DEWA, the RTA and Empower. The pillars span six dimensions including Smart Economy, Smart Living, Smart Environment, Smart Governance, Smart People and Smart Mobility.

d3 dubai smart city

Some of the new initiatives include electric vehicle power and charging, smart irrigation water, solar roofs, smart working spaces, smart bus shelters and self-driving cars. They’ll also be introducing an incentivised recycling programme, cashless payment methods, a loyalty programme and a d3 augmented reality tour among other things.

d3 is acting as a ‘testing ground’ of sorts for the new, innovative technology, trying to get the community involved as much as possible to see if their initiatives accomplish their goal of making lives easier for both businesses and people alike.

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Dr Amina Al Rustamani, group CEO of Tecom Group said in a statement: “We believe Dubai is ideally placed to provide this smart city benchmark for the rest of the world’s emerging economies to follow. Through the 21 smart initiatives introduced at d3, we are seeking to change the way business is conducted across sectors, and to deliver a greater quality of life and experience for millions of people. Encouraging innovation and leveraging technology and data lie at the heart of this.”

d3 dubai smart city


If all goes well at d3, Tecom Group will hopefully implement the new smart initiatives amongst the rest of their companies, hoping to serve as a model to other Dubai businesses looking to become more ‘smart’. If the rest of the world can see how well ‘smart’ business are functioning, then Tecom Group hope that their initiatives will catch on with the rest of the world.

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