With back-to-back events and birthdays, big bling energy is back – this time with rhinestones as a focus.

From mesh silhouettes to denim, rhinestones can be applied to almost any look when styled elegantly.

By embracing nostalgia’s influence, this timeless fashion trend has become a part of almost every ensemble seen both on and off the red carpet.

Seen with their timeless designs, brands such as Amina Muadi and Saint Laurent have always championed the crystal craze in an effortless manner with their minimalist approach.

Whether you need to make it from desk to dinner or simply need to add an element of glam to any look, this dose of bling is sure to make an impression wherever you go.

To add elements of rhinestone to your wardrobe, Emirates Woman is here to help. Swipe through the gallery for our top picks.


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Images: Supplied & Feature Image: Instagram @haileybieber