Summer fragrances are supposed to be fresh, lasting and most importantly it should transcend you to a different destination — even if you aren’t physically there.

While the weather is scorching, the light and scintilating summer scents can help you keep your spirits rejoiced. Ever wondered why when a pleasant smelling person enters a room it captures more than just your olfactory senses and instantly captivates your thoughts? That’s the power of a good perfume.

What should one keep in mind while picking a fragrance for themselves, especially when the tempratures are rising? Most importantly, look for something that complements your taste and personality. Do not opt for scents based on it’s popularity — more often than not, it may just leave you with a headace caused by a note you weren’t careful about while selecting.

Secondly, find fragrances that blend with the current season you’re in. Summer is all about keeping it pleasant, crisp, and natural. Floral and fruity perfumes offer a wide range of options to pick from. Besides the commonly known notes, dig deeper and try finding scents that are unique and distinctive compared to your regular vanilla and citrus perfumes.

Take Tom Ford’s Cherry Smoke or Jo Malone’s peony-based bottles — the luxury market for perfumes is constantly innovating, especially when it comes to infusing newer ingredients to your regular notes.

Making your job a little easier, we’ve curated a list of 15 versatile perfumes with sensational aromas for you to pick from.

15 summer-friendly perfumes to wear this season

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