Mascaras are the silent heroes of your beauty arsenal. Try walking into a social gathering without it and you’ll be presumed sick by many.

Good mascaras can tie your whole makeup look perfectly. If you’re not into getting heavy extensions or cannot go through the process of wearing falsies everyday, you need to buy a fail-proof mascara that will do the job for you in under 20 seconds.

What to consider before buying one? Here are some key factors:

Formula Type: Mascaras come in various formulas, such as lengthening, volumizing, waterproof, and curling. Choose one that aligns with your desired outcome.
Brush/Wand Shape: Different brushes or wands offer varying effects. Curved wands can help curl lashes, while bristle brushes add volume. Rubber bristles can separate and define.
Ingredients: Look for mascaras with nourishing ingredients like panthenol, vitamin E, or natural oils to condition lashes.
Hypoallergenic and Fragrance-Free: If you have sensitive eyes, opt for mascaras labeled hypoallergenic and fragrance-free to avoid irritation.
Smudge-Resistance: Check if the mascara is smudge-proof to prevent smearing throughout the day.
Longevity: Consider the mascara’s staying power. Waterproof formulas are more resistant to moisture and tears.
Application Ease: Consider how easy it is to apply the mascara. A user-friendly wand can make a difference.
Clump-Free: Look for a formula that doesn’t clump easily, as clumps can make lashes look unnatural.

Editor-apporved top 10 mascaras to pick from:

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