Sometimes freshly baked croissants, cakes and bread at artisanal bakeries can most definitely make any day batter.

Whether a special occasion or if you’re simply looking to treat yourself, these in-house baking havens ensure that each pastry and croissant is crafted to perfection. Be it classic cakes or gourmet delights, we all need something freshly baked to complement any coffee.

Overall,  bread has been part of human history for centuries, and plays an integral role in our daily life. It is a symbol of culture, history and hunger making it an indispensable part of our meals, after initially being a key to human survival in the early days.

From fluffy pastries to crusty loaves of bread, bakeries offer a delightful variety of baked goods to satisfy any craving.

One of the joys of visiting a bakery is the chance to sample different types of bread, pastries, cakes, and cookies. Whether you’re in the mood for a buttery croissant, a decadent chocolate cake, or a simple yet satisfying loaf of sourdough bread, you’re sure to find something to tantalise your taste buds.

For the ultimate midweek indulgence or an occasional catch-up with your friends, bread is baking a mainstay across various cuisines. With Dubai making its mark globally, residents and tourists can now visit these aesthetic cafés and coffee shops.

All in all, bakeries hold a special place in many people’s hearts, offering not just delicious food but also a sense of comfort, nostalgia, and community.

So, it doesn’t matter you’re a local resident or just visiting Dubai, Emirates Woman has collated the best bakeries and patisseries worth visiting if you’re looking for a midweek or weekend treat.

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Images: Supplied & Feature Image: Instagram @by_eva