Time 100 covers

Let’s forget about Kanye West for one second, yes he may have topped the Titans category but we’re more interested in the 40 women who made it on to Time magazine’s highly anticipated 100 list – a prestigious annual list of the world’s most influential people – proving that the glass ceiling is indeed shattering.  Every year Time releases it list of 100 influencers – people who are recognised for changing the world, regardless of the consequences of their actions. While we wish there could’ve been more women represented in the list, it was great to see inspirational women being recognised especially Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Misty Copeland who both graced one of the five special covers to promote the Time 100 issues.

The lists were split into five different categories, each with a leader in that section: Titans (Kanye West was the poster star for this), Pioneers (Misty Copeland), Artists (Bradley Cooper), Leaders (Jorge Ramos) and Icons (Ruth Bader Ginsburg).

Time 100, Ruth Bader Ginsburg

The iconic looking Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was such a popular choice that since the revelation of her position in the Time’s 100 list a change.org petition has started, with fans campaigning to Ben & Jerry’s to create a specialty flavour ice cream (Ruth ‘Bader Ginger) in her honour. 

“I think it’s important to recognise women heroes everywhere we can,” wrote Yael Mazor-Garfinkle, the author of the petition. “So when I read that only two of Ben & Jerry’s honorary flavors over the past three decades have featured women, I started this petition asking the ice cream company to honor Justice Ginsburg with her own flavor: Ruth Bader Ginger.”

Justice Antonia Scalia agreed with Ruth’s position on the list, saying: “Ruth Bader Ginsburg has had two distinguished legal careers, either one of which would alone entitle her to be one of Time’s 100. When she was a law professor at Rutgers and later Columbia, she became the leading (and very successful) litigator on behalf of women’s rights—the Thurgood Marshall of that cause, so to speak. President Carter appointed her to a seat on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit in 1980, and President Clinton to a seat on the Supreme Court in 1993.”

Time 100, Misty Copeland

As an author, entertainer and soloist with American Ballet Theatre, it’s no surprise the striking Misty Copeland gained recognition. Her against all odds story to success is one that truly inspires.

Other women to make the list included pioneer Emma Watson for tackling gender equality head on through UN Women and her HeForShe campaign. New front runner for US presidency Hillary Clinton was nominated as a leader for “standing up for the rights of women and girls, she is speaking not only of gender but also of justice and liberty.” Another fighter is Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani activist for female education and the youngest-ever Nobel Prize laureate. She was deemed an icon for her ability to continue to fight for what she believes in – “for the rights of children and for their education.”

The list recognised several actresses, who made it on the artists list, including Reese Witherspoon who was commended for her “tremendous resourcefulness”, Julianna Marguiles who was praised for “her passion, fearlessness, empathy and an unwavering determination to make a difference in people’s lives off the screen,” and recent Oscar winner Julianne Moore who made the list for her “fearlessness” and for what designer Tom Ford calls “inner beauty that will never fade.”

Singer-songwriter, Taylor Swift was listed as an icon with actor and activist Mariska Hargitay saying: “I’m amazed at how much earned wisdom Taylor threads into her work. She seems tuned in to the greater good, and she embraces—thoughtfully and authentically—the chance to contribute to the world.”

Also to be labelled an icon was the truly deserved Diane Von Furstenburg, who we also feel could’ve featured in the pioneer list, as actress Jessica Alba pointed out: “As an entrepreneur and philanthropist, Diane understands that changing the way women see themselves can also change the world.” 

With women like this it’s hard not to be inspired. Let’s follow suit ladies, and let’s shine!