Manal Rostom was the first athlete to run a major race wearing the sportswear veil.

It won’t hit stores until next year, but Nike’s Pro Hijab made its race-track debut this week.

The modest sportswear item, which made headlines when it was revealed earlier this year, was donned by Manal Rostom for the New York marathon on November 5.

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The Egyptian runner was one of the faces of the Pro Hijab campaign, and finished the US event in four hours and 42 minutes, according to the NY marathon site.

The 38-year-old Nike+ Run Club Coach was sponsored by Nike, and used the event to raise money for The Big Heart Foundation, a UAE-based charity that helps refugees across the Middle East.

Rostom has not yet updated her social media since completing the marathon, but thanked her supporters ahead of the race.

“Butterflies and no sleep, now just jitters and prayers for an injury-free race, smooth-sailing all the way to the finish line,” she wrote on Instagram over the weekend.

“Everyone’s support has been incredible on social media and I feel like you are all with me during this race.”

Though the Pro Hijab was widely tested by athletes ahead of its annoucement, Rostom was the first sportswomen to wear it during a major race.

Crafted in breathable, stretchy mesh fabric, the back of the hijab itself is longer to ensure it stays tucked in, while the fabric is studded with tiny, imperceptible holes to keep the wearer cool.

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Weighing in at about 155 grams, the Pro Hijab will be sent to athletes around the globe before it’s released for general sale in early 2018.

The finished product will come in black, grey and obsidian, though Nike have suggested brighter hues might be used in the future.

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Images: Manal Rostom/Instagram