You think you have it tough with 45 days maternity leave? Spare a thought to ministry worker Jamela Muhairi who was back to work just 21 days after giving birth in order to give an important presentation to Dubai’s leader.

State Minister for Public Education Jamela Muhairi impressed H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai with her proposal to overhaul the UAE’s public school system and make education bilingual.

The hardworking State Minister for Public Education not only impressed the Sheikh with her new plan but he was also admired her work ethic, so much so turning to Facebook, after his visit, to congratulate the Jamela Muhairi (pictured above with the Sheikh).

“I was surprised by her presence on the field,” Sheikh Mohammed said of new mum Jamela. “Proud of your dedication and congratulations.”

This public display of gratitude comes one day after Sheikh Mohammed was left seriously annoyed when a surprise spot visit in government offices saw him faced with empty desks. FYI, Jamela was also on time for her meeting.



The new plan by Jamela for public schools was introduced as a means of improving learning outcomes as well as expanding research and development in education in the UAE.

The new curriculum proposed in the plan will cover technology, innovative design, health sciences, career guidance, general skills and business management.

A special ‘elite’ stream will also be introduced to nurture gifted students.

sheikh mohammed school

New means of evaluating students mid-year and at the end of the year will also be implemented, and the curriculum will gradually be made bilingual.

A new curriculum, reading programme and policy for the evaluation of kindergarten schools is to be introduced.

Subjects such as history, geography, economy and social studies will be integrated into one core curriculum. Mathematics will be developed to ensure it is on par with international standards.

sheikh mohammed school

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Information technology and programming courses will also be introduced in both primary and secondary schools.

The English language syllabus will follow the Cambridge English curriculum. It will be overseen by the UAE Ministry of Education and Cambridge University.

A training centre will also be established to ensure the development of teachers’ skills in line with international standards.

sheikh mohammed school

Sheikh Mohammed said how schools are where the future begins, saying: “We are counting on the teachers and the Ministry of Education to help school education make a great leap forward…

“There is no room for excuses. We look forward to developing a new generation of students that is equipped to use the tools of the future.”

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Images: WAM, Facebook/Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum