And here’s what to ask for at the salon if you want to follow in her footsteps.

She’s no stranger to shaking up her look (remember when she went full bob in 2017?), and now Bella Hadid has given us a new haircut to print off and take to the stylist.

The half-Palestinian supermodel debuted a new fringe this week, showing off the shaggy trim on Instagram.

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Donning patchwork Dior trousers and a simple white tee, the 21-year-old reclined on a sofa and peeked through her freshly cut bangs.


“I’ll be right here,” Hadid captioned the shot.

The shorter strands bring new definition to her eyes, without adding the blockiness of a blunt fringe.

Want to follow in her footsteps for spring?

We asked Karl Warner, senior stylist and BeautyWorks master extension specialist at Pastels Salon Ritz Carlton, what to request from your stylist to copy the finish.

“It seems that Bella has updated her hairstyle with a fringe that boasts a heavy exterior but textured interior,” he said.

pastels salon

“To achieve this look, you need to ask your stylist to create a textured full fringe that you can move apart, so you have the choice to keep it full or part it at the side or centre.”

The versatile fringe should be styled with Label M’s Texturising Volume Spray (Dhs105) to ensure it has a pieciness, rather than a falling flay.

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Hadid has previously experimented with long locks, wings and clip-in bangs, so there’s no knowing exactly how long this style will stick around for.

But we’re seriously thinking about going for the chop ahead of summer…

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Images: Bella Hadid/Instagram