Insta-cool: The Hottest New Beachwear Brands To Know

Insta-cool: The Hottest New Beachwear Brands To Know

Fast-track your way to the best beach wardrobe ever with our pick of the hottest new holiday brands creating waves right now.  

From cult-cool Aussie brand Triangl to local talent Ola Swimwear, there’s an avalanche of new holiday-ready labels about to transform your summer wardrobe for good. We’ve uncovered some under-the-radar gems; some from Instagram, some from just being awesome fashion people with our finger on the pulse… Say hello to L.G.R’s exquisitely hand-crafted Italian frames, the Muzungu Sisters’ pom-pom embellished raffia beach totes and Mikoh’s scandalously strappy two-pieces. Worth the weird tanlines, we promise.


Styling: Olivia Phillips

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Photography: Farooq Salik

Art Direction: Kerri Bennett

   June 4, 2015

Insta-cool: The Hottest New Beachwear Brands To Know

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Sunglasses Dhs535 Kyme at
3 / 11
Towel Dhs375 and leather strap Dhs185 both The Beach People at, Bikini Dhs460 Sian Swimwear at, Sunglasses Dhs487 Sun Buddies at, Hat Stylist's own
4 / 11
Bikini Dhs327 Triangl at
5 / 11
Sunglasses Dhs350 Rédélé at Hamac, Headband Dhs169 Hanne Bloch at
6 / 11
Swimsuit Dhs1,590 Moeva at Valleydez, Towel Dhs270 Sunnylife at Hamac
7 / 11
Sunglasses Dhs308 LGR at
8 / 11
Bikini Dhs1,100 Ola at, Flamingo inflatable Dhs315 Sunnylife at Hamac
9 / 11
Bag Dhs1,089 Muzungu Sisters at, Sunglasses Dhs355 Finds + Kaibosh at, Bikini Dhs875 Acacia at
10 / 11
Sunglasses Dhs150 Quay at West LA
11 / 11
Bikini Dhs1,050 Mikoh at Harvey Nichols-Dubai