Forget a lie-flat bed, this is the kind of premium service we want.

It feels a bit gauche to complain about the inconvenience of air travel. Oh, so the miracle of flight isn’t quite convenient enough for you? Perhaps travelling by ocean liner and arriving at your destination six weeks later sounds better.

We can’t pretend that there’s no room for improvement though. From 5am boarding times to dragging your 32kg bag for what feels like hours, there are aspects of the experience that we’d be happy to leave behind.

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From the looks of things, that might not be out of the question. Gulf News reports that Emirates are testing at-home check in – including baggage collection.


That’s right. The airline would send a van to your house, scan your passport, tag your bags, and print your boarding pass. All you’d need to do at the actual airport is head through security, browse duty free, and make it to your gate on time.

They say the only true luxury is time, and this service would give you plenty of that. Here’s a short video of it in action:

Full details aren’t available yet, but at an educated guess, we’d say this won’t be included in your standard economy fare. Even if it was a paid service, we can imagine people being very interested, though. Much like access to a nice departure lounge, this is the kind of thing that could completely change your airport experience.

“At Emirates, we continually invest in innovative ways to improve the customer experience,” the airline told Gulf News. “At the moment we are trialling several initiatives to provide greater convenience for our customers and will share details when they become available.”

So it doesn’t exactly sound like this is a box you’ll be able to check while booking flights for a National Day getaway, but still. We’ll let you know when we hear more.

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Image: Emirates