Sponsored: Always wanted to copy the Nisnass ambassador’s signature winged eyeliner? Well, here’s how…

Her precise flick of liner is something we’ve attempted to recreate on an almost daily basis—with very varying degrees of success.

So, instead of trying to copy those jet-black wings from an Instagram shot, we got beauty maven Rhea Jacobs to come in and show us exactly how it’s done.

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The Dubai-based content creator has recently been unveiled as a face of Nisnass, the fashion and beauty app that’s totally changing the way we shop online. (Want to see our top picks? Just click here).


And here, she shows us how to recreate her signature eyeliner and bold lip.

Watch, make notes, and try her tricks out at home (we have, and we’ve now managed to nail that liner every time).

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Like what you see? They stay tuned, as we’ll be bringing you a super-stylish video with Jacobs’ favourite beauty and fashion look from Nisnass soon…

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