How did our mothers do it, in a world way before live-in nannies, 24/7 delivery service and Ubers?

Dubai mums are said to be so spoilt for choices and options to make their lives easier that even the humble mum can be accused of some very #firstwolrdproblems.

So without further ado, here are 12 things overheard from posh mums and their kids… Tell us how many you can relate to.

(Screaming child in airport) “I’m NOT entertained!”

dubai mums

“I don’t blame your ballet teacher for being angry, your plié was positively vulgar.”

dubai mums

“The Maldives, again? They really need to add more variety to the school trips.”


dubai mums

“Her first word was ‘loubs’.”

dubai mums

So I give birth to his third child and the push present ring only has four diamonds…Like, what?

dubai mums

“People underestimate how stressful it is moving to a villa in Emirates Hills. Do you realise how many walk-in wardrobes we have to fill?”


“Let’s be honest, who can’t afford a Ferrari these days?”

dubai mums

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“So the nanny was sick, which meant I missed my morning latte because I had to do the school run.”

dubai mums

“He’s booked us Christmas in St Moritz…. Again”

dubai mums

“The teacher has complained he keeps playing with his iPhone in class. I suggested he liven up his class.”

dubai mums

“We’re so proud, our youngest has hit 100k followers on Instagram. He’s only five.”


“The nanny is on holiday. How am I going to fit in my nail/hair/spa mornings?”


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