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These past few years, we followed the Zeina and Ahmed Ezz drama closely, as the two actors have been taking each other to court. Now, after almost five years of hearsay, the Egyptian actress appeared on Amr Adib’s show El-Hekaya, commenting on the drama for the first time.

To catch you up, Zeina and Ahmed Ezz secretly tied the knot in 2012 before traveling to the United States to have their children there. However, the actor left his five-month pregnant wife in America and flew back to Egypt, and this is when the drama ensued.

After giving birth, the actress returned to Egypt, suing Ahmed for child support. But, the actor denied that the twins, Zein El-Din and Ezz El-Din were his kids, and counter-sued Zeina, asking for a DNA test. The actor even went on TV, publicly denying that these are his children, all while hinting at the actress’ reputation.

Ever since, the two have been locked in a pre-longed legal battle, with Zeina winning most of the cases. The El-Felos actress never publicly addressed the issue, that is until her latest Amr Adib interview. Giving fans insight, the mother of two revealed that Ahmed wanted kids, and was happy when she found out she was pregnant. However, she also disclosed that he would change his mind a lot, even considering abortion at one point.

After choosing to keep her kids, the actors came to an agreement, which included Zeina retiring from acting to stay in the U.S with her children, while Ahmed returns back to Egypt, only taking care of the financial part of the pregnancy. While many believe that the actress started the legal battle, she revealed that Ahmed sued her upon her arrival to Egypt, accusing her of forging legal documents pertaining to the kids.

Ahmed is one of the biggest actors in Egypt and the Arab world, staring in two blockbusters in 2019 alone. According to Zeina, the actor did not want to disclose their relationship fearing that it may affect his job, as the actor has a huge female fanbase.

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