Ramadan is here and everyone who’s fasting looks at it like a ‘reset’ opportunity, spiritually, mentally and physically. However, while working out is a great way to keep peace of mind, doing so while drastically reducing what you eat and drink should be done with caution.

Here are few exercise regimes recommended by fitness experts at Fitness First for a healthy and fit Ramadan:

Yoga for physical and mental well-being

Young woman stretching, Push ups, exercise

Redesign your yoga practice to include calming poses and breathing exercises to focus on the mind and soul.

Yoga sequences during fasting

All non-intense yoga is recommended during fasting. Sun salutations of low intensity with adequate intervals between poses is highly advised, there are few breathing practices and poses which help the body mechanism to function regular during fasting.

Alternate nostril breathing

A simple breathing practice which helps you calm and control your mind whilst also helping to regulate your body temperature. Sit in any cross legged posture with spine straight and shoulder relaxed. Left palm on the left knee, right nostril is closed with right thumb, inhaling deep through the left nostril. Closing the left nostril with right ring finger exhale slowly from the right, keeping the left nostril still closed inhale from the right. Now close the right nostril with right thumb and exhale from the left. This is one round of practice; continue doing seven, 14 or 21 rounds.

Forward bend sequence 

Backward bends produce heat in the body and all forward bending, like the forehead to the knee pose, cools the body system. Forward bends relax the heart and help the metabolism by creating a negative suction pressure to the abdominal organs. Sequences of forward bending help the heart to pump the blood to the brain and give a good control over the mind. Yoga aims to balance the body in order to still the mind, so forward bends are perfect during the heat of summer while you fast.

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Resistance Training is imperative


Remain vigilant in obtaining resistance training throughout Ramadan. This could be in the water, in the gym lifting weights or at home walking up a flight of stairs, either way you must look at resistance to maintain muscle tone and conditioning.

For those who gym regularly, it will also help to attend a TUFF, Bodypump or XFIT class before or after Iftar. An alternative option is to combine these weighted exercises and complete five sets in total.

Station 1: Bar squats combined with body weight squats (20 reps each)

Station 2: Push-ups combined with bar chest press (20 reps each)

Station 3: Sumo high dow combined with a dead lift (20 Reps each)

Station 4: Thruster combined with an overhead lunge (20 reps each)

Station 5: Sit ups, shoulder touching floor and hands reaching to touch feet (20 Reps) Plank holds for (20 Sec) – complete five sets.

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Cardio Training

Push ups, exercise

Your training needs variation during Ramadan. If you are into cardio training then do a combination of bodyweight exercises and equipment based exercises.

For example, bodyweight squats (25 reps), running on the treadmill (Level 10+ 200 meters), bodyweight burpees, (25 reps), rowing machine (Level 10+ 200 meters) – complete this cycle four times.

This should burn all the unwanted calories away.

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The above routines will not just help you improve your wellbeing but will also keep you going throughout the Holy Month. Ramadan Kareem! #EWGetsFit

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