While dressing up is a form of self-expression, jewellery curation takes it to a new level where each piece selected bears its own meaning.

A thoughtfully-curated stack can signify things beyond the clothes we wear. Whether it’s a status symbol to indicate wealth or social status, it can also reveal more about a person’s individuality, identity and culture. Personalising your everyday stack can be the perfect finishing touch that provides a captivating way to express your personality, write your life story – and make a sartorial statement.

So how does one approach jewellery pairing and layering effortlessly and thoughtfully? Emirates Woman talks to three cool and contemporary jewellery designers – Cass Dimicco of Aureum, Milka Karaağaçlı of Kismet by Milka and Sophie Bille Brahe

Copenhagen-based Sophie Bille Brahe has gained a cult following for her eponymous jewellery label with her modern take on pearl earrings that offer a chic touch to every outfit. A myriad of stacked pieces lend a next-level of refinement and sophistication, as favoured by celebrities and tastemakers such as Ashley Graham and Pernille Teisbaek, to name a few.

For those seeking maximum impact à la Saint Laurent’s on-trend bold jewelry will be charmed by Cass Dimicco’s designs for her brand Aureum. The New York-based uber-influencer creates precious vintage-inspired pieces, crafted with versatility in mind. A personal fan of chunky jewellery, Cass has expertly mastered the art of jewellery stacking, which often garners hundreds of likes on social media.

For an extra dose of vibrancy, look to Istanbul-based fine jewellery brand Kismet by Milka. Its latest collection, OOPS, showcases unexpected quirky jewels offering playful volume and an eclectic mélange. They might be petite in size, but are sure to pack a punch when stacked – just be sure to combine with reckless abandon to inject a rebellious attitude to a monotonous everyday look.

Swipe through the gallery for expert tips on how to curate a personal, effortless, and modern stack that will suit you best.


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