We’ve tracked down the best breathable polishes in the UAE.

Along with chiselled cheekbones and Kylie Jenner-inspired lips, glossy nails are the must-have summer accessory for every beauty gal. And breathable nail varnish is the next big thing for us desert-living folk. It may sound strange, but bear with us while we explain:

In order to pray, a Muslim must perform a ritual of ablution beforehand. This includes allowing water to clean your nails. And we hate to break it to you, but a layer of paint prevents your nails from being cleaned.

No great, right? Nobody wants to hit up the salon five times a day to reapply polish after they’ve prayed. But don’t start staring at your bare nails in exasperation just yet, because thanks to the ever-increasingly-popular “breathable” nail polishes that are stacking Dubai’s shelves, there’s now a new, “halal” alternative.

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The breathable formula uses a polymer that is also found in some contact lenses, allowing oxygen and moisture to reach the nail.

As if that’s not incentive enough to get you running down to the nearest Sephora, breathable nail polishes allow your nails to, well, breathe. Meaning that these liquid-beauties are a slick option for non-Muslims, too, as you can kiss goodbye to the yellow-stained, air-starved, brittle claws that so many of us nail polish addicts inevitably develop; trading your dry talons for healthier, glossier tips.

Here are three must-have varnishes to clad your bare nails with ASAP.

Inglot O2M Breathable Nail Enamel


This popular cosmetic brand boasts an impressive array of colours in their O2M collection that are perfect for literally any occasion. Dhs65 at Inglot, Mall of the Emirates

Illamasqua Nail Veil Breathable Nail Varnish


These nifty nail lacquers come in two irresistible candy-like hues with a translucent, glossy finish – perfect for a pop of subtle colour in the office. Dhs94 at Illamasqua, Dubai Mall

Nailstation Breathe Easy Nail Lacquer


The Nailstation Breathe Easy collection is sure to include your go-to staple colours, plus a clear coat for those days where you want an understated but pretty paw. Oh, and you can grab a polish for just 25Dhs if you experience a manicure or pedicure at their store on Al Wasl Road. Dhs49 at Nailstation

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Words: Humeara Mohamed

Images: Instagram