Decades on from her death, she’s still a fashion icon

An archive of sketches from Princess Diana’s tour of the Gulf is set to go under the hammer.

It belongs to David and Elizabeth Emanuel, the designers behind the late royal’s wedding dress.


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Attendees will have the chance to bid for an archive of fabric samples and sketches from her visit to Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

“The Gulf Tour 1986, Day & Evening War Designs” contains five hand-drawn outfits. These include a burqa as well as a black and white evening dress, which resembled what the late Princess of Wales wore while being shown around the Al Yamamah Palace by Saudi Arabia’s King Fahd.

In November 1986, Princess Diana and Prince Charles toured the Gulf for six days. Princess Diana was invited to dine at King Fahd’s palace in Saudi Arabia. During her visit, Princess Diana adhered to the modest dress code, choosing lower hemlines and covering her arms and shoulders.

An original colour photograph showing the Princess of Wales choosing the designers and fabrics is also set to go up for auction.

The Remarkable Rarities live auction will take place at the end of September in Boston.


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