The New Year is all about starting a fresh, being a better version of yourself and achieving your personal goals. So what’s your resolution?

Here 10 UAE-based ladies share their inspiring New Year’s resolutions. Have a read and then tell us yours…

new year's resolutions


Katie Fielder, TV Anchor


Find more things that make me say ‘hell yes!’ I’ve come to realise how important it is to follow your dreams as otherwise you’ll just end up working for someone who did. So whether it’s spending time with my family, taking on new work opportunities or travelling to a new city or country –this year I want to make my soul sing.

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Dina Ghandour, Founder of YApparel

YAPPAREL-11 dina ghandour

Less time on (electronic) devices, and more time outdoors in nature, with people I love and my yoga community.


Zairah Molina, Head Pastry Chef at La Serre Bistro & Boulangerie


To spend more time outside in the sun and to call my family back in the States more often.

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Bijal Soni, Communications Manager, NAMSHI

Bijal Soni,

I have never been a stickler for resolutions before, but I guess turning 30 next month has something to do with it. My two biggest fears have always been a fear of heights and animals. Having said that 2016 will be all about jumping off a plane on my birthday and adopting a puppy who I actually met yesterday at the adoption centre – a mix of Collie and a Retriever!


Kelly Lundberg, Celebrity stylist, author and entrepreneur

Kelly Lundberg,

My key focus and resolution for 2016 is consistency.  Be it from regular exercise, meditation, through to plans for my business, I want to commit and stick to it all to really have the best possible chance of meeting goals for myself personally and professionally.


Tash Hatherall, Managing Director

Tash Hatherall

To be kinder to myself. I am my own worst enemy, my biggest critic and so hard on myself every single day.  I really need to make an effort to be kinder to myself in 2016, to appreciate all I achieve on a daily basis, what I have and that all I do is more than good enough.  Enough beating myself up…I need to learn to be on my own side and my own best friend!

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Eve Jaso, Channel 4 Breakfast show host

Eve Jaso

For 2016 I would like to plan my time better. That way I can get more hours to do extra work. With extra work, comes extra money. Then with extra money, I can give back more and help my chosen charity to excel. My one good deed of the year!


Lisa Scott-Lee, Dubai Performing Arts Principal 

Lisa Scott-Lee

My New Year’s resolution for 2016 is to try and find the balance between business and family life and to live each day to the full!

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Annah Jacob, Radio Presenter, Pearl 102FM

Annah Jacob

To take more risks and stop overanalysing everything before it has even happened! I think I stress myself out unnecessarily worrying about what could go wrong.


Emmanuelle Sawko, Co-owned of Comptoir 102

Emmanuelle Sawko

I intend to take more time for myself and for my kids, who I see growing up so quickly. Overall my resolution for 2016 is more healthy habits, more sports, to remember to always have fun and to have my kids always around.