The UAE airline is working to reduce the hassle of the incoming crackdown on electronics for travellers.

Whether you use it for business or pleasure (read: catching up on Game of Thrones), many will struggle without access to their laptops on long-haul flights.

But that’s the reality passengers from many MENA countries are facing on US and UK-bound journeys from March 25.

Both countries have introduced a cabin ban on electronic items larger than their mobile phone – and travellers will now have to pack their computers, tablets, Kindles and cameras in their checked-in luggage.

Many of those affected are already fretting about the damage that might ensue to their valuables.

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However Emirates is devising a plan to help minimise the risk for its customers.

According to What’s On Dubai, the airline is working to allow passengers to take their laptops past security and right through to their departure gate, so they can continue to use them for as long as possible.

Emirates staff will then collect the banned items just before boarding, and safely stow them in a storage area in the cargo hold until the plane lands.

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“We are closely monitoring the business impact of this new security measure,” Emirates Airline president Tim Clark said in a statement. “The airline industry is no stranger to new security protocols and, as a global player, we must expect and adjust to these unexpected situations. Emirates is highly resilient.

“Yes, this new security measure is disruptive and operationally challenging in several regards but I am optimistic we will get through this.”

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While the details are yet to be ironed out, we imagine the special storage option will be a lot safer than having your laptop bouncing around in your suitcase (with all your liquids, clumpy shoes and the like).

The ban will be valid until October 14, Emirates said in a statement earlier this week.

For more about what the US ban entails – and exactly which countries it affects – click here.

And for the UK version, read this.

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