ew dads

He’s the person who gave you wisdom, some of it crazy but some of it completely spot on. We pay tribute to our very own wise guys…


“The love I feel for my father has no boundaries, and he always laughs when I tell him I love him too much. From an early age, it was just my father, sister and I, so we are really close. What makes my father so special is that he worked his entire life to provide me with everything a girl could want, from education and travel to nurturing all of my passions – he was always there for me as a father, friend and confidant. I am so proud and full of love at the thought of him, and tell him every time I speak to him.”  — Sophia Serin, Group Editor 

alexandria dad

“Quiet, reserved and extremely serious is how many would describe my dad, but they don’t know him like I do. A man of few words, yes, but when he speaks it’s either hilarious jokes or  pearls of wisdom, and often both. One of my many favourite memories of my dad is our Saturday afternoons. We’d drive to Sainsbury’s and along the way catch up on any issues that concerned us, and in spite of the awful Portuguese music he blasted out, I loved those drives. Back home, he’d make the chorizo sandwiches, I’d make the coffee, and we’d sit down for our TV marathon – The Bold And The Beautiful omnibus, wrestling (WCW), The A-Team and Baywatch. It was our routine, that and the odd DIY job (my dad once joked I was the son he never had). My dad is a rock for the whole family (and we have a huge family) and incredibly selfless. He is more than a parent, he’s also my idol.” – Alexandria Gouveia, Editor emiratesowman.com 


“I wouldn’t be where I am today without my dad’s drive. He taught me to always look on the bright side of life, strive for the best, never be scared of failure and, most importantly, make sure there’s always a smile on my face. Interestingly, in writing these words I have come to realise that my dad has never actually told me to do those things – I’ve simply watched him and learnt from his optimistic approach to life without even knowing it.” – Jade Sprowson, Style Director 


“My dad is honestly my favourite person in the whole world. He always has the right answers about life, work and everything else.” – Samantha Hamilton Rushforth, Beauty Editor 


“My dad is the hardest-working person I know. I remember one Christmas as a family we walked around the hotel where he worked, The Jumeirah Beach Club, giving out cards and shaking the hands of every one of his 400 staff. I will never forget the happiness and admiration each and every one showed him. It taught me humility and the importance of having respect for everyone. He is so kind and loving and keeps our family strong and together.”  – Alexandra Venison, Junior Fashion Editor


“My dad would wake me with breakfast, make and pack my school lunches, and drive me to school. On weekends, we’d do the food shopping or DIY and treat ourselves to ice cream afterwards. In my teens, he’d take me to the ice rink every weekend and stay up late to fetch me from parties without complaint. He attempted to teach me, with great patience, to sail, hit a golf ball and drive (I failed at all). In fact, there is nothing he wouldn’t do.” – Alexandra Bull, Picture Editor

carmel dad

“Happy Father’s day to my amazing dad! I wouldn’t be where I am today with out you, I love you to the moon and back. xx” – Carmel Gill, Fashion & Beauty Assistant 


“The fondest memory of my father has to be when he visited me in Los Angeles while I was studying at fashion school. At the time, his job required him to travel to the Far East for at least eight months of the year, so for him to take time out and make the epic 20-hour-plus journey to the other side of the world, especially to see me, was very special. I’d been living in LA for over two years, so I showed him around town and took him to all my favourite haunts – I even got him to hike up the Hills and check out the Hollywood sign. This trip made me see him not only as a father but also as a friend, leaving me with memories that will last a lifetime.” – Annah Cuthbert, Fashion & Beauty Editor Hello! Magazine 


“I’ve always been a daddy’s girl and count myself very lucky to have a father who is known to everyone as a hard-working, genuine and lovely man. My father worked in London a lot but refused to relocate us from our family home in Ireland, so we could enjoy the fresh air and countryside. My most cherished memory is our nightly walks with our dog, Zoë, and, bizarrely, Meg the cat, where we would talk about anything and everything. My dad is forever pushing himself and recently completed a Master’s degree in his spare time, graduating in Paris – it was one of the proudest days   of my life.”  – Cherith Nicholl, Fashion Editor Good Magazine