Ten years ago, if we told you that you would be writing to your friends and family messages that were essentially a series of images, you would think we were crazy. Yet, fast-forward to 2016 and emojis are all the rage, so much so that today (July 17) has been dubbed World Emoji Day.

Whether you’re praising your friend on that stunning new , or sending big  to your parents or messaging your gym buddy about your next  session, like it or not emojis have made it into our text vocab.

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In fact, it has made it in to the English Oxford Dictionary – “The similarity of the Japanese word emoji to the English word emoticon makes it easy for English speakers to remember, but the resemblance is entirely coincidental: emoji is derived ultimately from the Japanese words e (picture) and moji (letter, character), whereas emoticon is from the English words emotion and icon.”

Whether it’s on WhatsApp or Instagram, emojis are not leaving us anytime soon.

So, if you don’t use them perhaps it’s time to join the club. If you do use them, well here’s a breakdown of the most popular emojis used on Instagram*:

Top 5 emojis:

1. ❤





Top 5 food emojis:

1. Birthday Cake

2. Two Hops

3. ☕️ Coffee

4. Grape

5. Strawberry

Top 5 animal emojis:

1. Monkey (see no evil)

2. Dog

3. Monkey (speak no evil)

4. Bunny

5. Cat

Top 5 fashion emojis: 


2. High heel

3. Blue dress

4. Bikini

5. Sneaker

Top 5 sports emojis: 

1. Muscle/Weight lifting

2. ⚽️ Soccer

3. Swimming

4. Basketball

5. American Football


Also trending is #RealLifeEmojis:

Senbei (rice cookie):

More emojis in the wild! This one is an Agedango at Ninenzaka, a picturesque shopping street in Kyoto. The style of old Japan has been preserved in this street and the area surrounding it. “Ninen-zaka” means “slope of two years”, which comes from the legend that if you fall down the steps, you will die within two years. So watch your steps and don’t fall down while admiring the beauty of this street. I found the lady selling agedango for 50 yen a piece right at the Ninenzaka steps! Agedango is a salty-sweet snack made of grilled rice flour and wrapped in nori (sea weed) . It was served fresh and hot right off the grill, so I had to wait a few mins before it cooled down delicious! #RealLifeEmoji #EmojiIRL #EmojisInTheWild #eeeeeats #ShotOniPhone6s

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Red Dress:


A photo posted by Cathrine Widunok Nissen (@rockpaperdresses) on



These unicorn emoji cookies by @bakedideas would be the perfect dessert right about now! #awwsamsweettooth

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Rainbow lollipop:

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