viking workout, EWGetsFit

Feeling inspired to train hard after the weekend’s gruelling Desert Warrior Challenge? This workout regimen, inspired by smash hit TV show Vikings, should do the trick.

The Vikings were notorious for being some of the toughest warriors on the planet. In battle, they would overpower their enemies with brute force and awesome fighting skills. Vikings possessed the highest of fitness levels, required to jump boat and race to shore holding heavy body armour and weaponry. This workout designed by Gym Box is gruelling, tear-inflicting and sweat-inducing.



1. Row 1,000m

2. Run 1,000m

3. Pull Ups 50

4. Wall Balls 50

5. Push-ups 100

6. 15 minutes of Combat

7. Run 1,000m

8. Row 500m



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Vikings Season 2 is now available on DVD & Blu-ray