Need motivation to get in shape? Fear not, every Sunday we give you a workout to follow at least three times a week. This week personal trainer Jon Ashwood from Smart Fitness gives us a TRX Body Blast workout that works the legs, shoulders, back and finally the core and obliques. #EWGetsFit

Lunge to overhead reach (12 reps: six on each leg)

Single leg Squat (12 reps: six on each leg)

Tips: Stand facing the anchor pint, lift leg up and out straight and lower yourself down

Row (12 reps)

Tips: Face the anchor point, lean back and gain some resistance. Pull yourself up until your hands go into your armpit and lower back down again.

Pikes (12 reps)

Tips: Get into full plank/push up position (with feet in the resistance straps), facing down toward the floor, lift up with the hips and back down into the plank

Side plank with touch 

Tips: Lift chest so it’s nice and tall, lift your hips, reach your hand up and rotate under your body stabilising your hips and pelvis


Repeat these steps three times


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Video: Farooq Salik

Video Editing: Surajit Dutta