Need motivation to get in shape? Fear not, every Sunday we will be giving you a workout to follow three times a week. This week  Elaine from Pure Box puts you through your paces with a combat-style work out. #EWGetsFit

Skipping with a skipping rope (or on the spot without) (2 min)

Lunge + knee lift  (hands guarding face), change leg after 30 seconds (1 min)

10 Jab/Cross + 10 Upper cuts (repeat for 1 min)

Squat + Front Kick – alternating legs each time (1 min)

Punches: 4 hooks alternating + 4 punches down (one side), change side each time (1 min)

Plank on hands and toes with 4 row backs with one arm then the other (1 min)

Half Abdominal curl from sitting + 4 punches (jab/cross) (1 min)

Have two minutes rest and repeat

End with two minutes of full body stretching


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Video: Farooq Salik

Video Editing: Surajit Dutta