Need motivation to get in shape? Fear not, this week personal trainer Jenna Lincoln from SHP Dubai gives us a workout that will work glutes, hamstring and lower back to create a strong, lifted behind! #EWGetsFit 


World’s Greatest Stretch – Dynamic stretching (Full Body Warm-Up)

  • Hug the right knee to chest, then
  • Step into a deep lunge placing both hands inside the forward leg
  • Rotate towards the forward leg and lift the arm to open up the chest
  • Press back into a hamstring stretch
  • Slide forward into a lunge and raise the opposite arm to increase the stretch to the hip flexors, and reach to the side
  • Finally pull up and step into a side lunge to complete onside
  • Repeat on the opposite side

Glute Activation Series (10 reps)

  • Lie on your back with knees bent and feet flat to floor, arms rested by your sides
  • Push down your heels and squeeze your glutes to raise your hips towards the ceiling
  • Try to create a straight line from your knees, hips and chest

Marching Glute Bridge (alternate for 20 reps)

  • In the glute bridge position, stay lifted whilst bringing one knee into the chest
  • Lower back down to the floor and repeat on the opposite side
  • March from heel to heel without letting the hips drop


Clam Shell with Band (10 reps)

  • Place a mini band over both knees
  • Lie on your side with bent knees, so that your shoulders, hips and ankles are in line
  • Flex the toes up towards you
  • Keeping the hips together open at the knees, by squeezing the glutes
  • Try not to let the hip ‘fall out’ 




 Sumo Squat with Kettle Bell On a Elevated Platform (12 reps)

Place two steps double hip width apart (the raised platform allows for a deeper squat).  Stand with a wide stance one foot on each step, toes pointing out. Hold the weight central to the body with chest lifted, core braced and shoulders retracted.

  • Squat in a controlled manner staying tall through the spine, heels staying glued to the steps and weight centered
  • Look straight ahead
  • Squat as low as you comfortably can staying in good form, and making sure not to tilt forward
  • Push up explosively through the heels back to starting position


Single Leg Deadlift (12 reps on each leg)

You can use a barbell, kettle bell or dumbbells for this exercise.

Hold the weight with a wide grip to help maintain tightness through the back and shoulders

  • Allow a soft bend in the working leg, and the foot to ground into the floor
  • Focus on something in front of you and brace your core
  • Hinge at the hip, pushing the hips away from you whilst keep the back flat
  • Try to keep the free leg bent and knees in line to control the opposite hip from opening out
  • Pull the hips back in and squeeze the glutes


Kettle Bell Swing (15 to 20 swings)

Stand with feet slightly wider than hip width with soft knees

  • Brace your core, and swing the kettle bell through your legs by hinging at the hip
  • Pull your hips in fast and squeeze your glutes
  • Keep the back flat and look a few feet ahead
  • Keep the motion smooth


Back Extension using GHD (12 reps)

Start by adjusting the GHD to the position where your hipbone is below the ridge of the support. Hip should not move during the exercise.

  • Flex your spine until you feel a slight stretch in lower back and hamstrings
  • Squeeze the glutes to lift up, extending your spine to a neutral position


Side Plank with Side Leg Raise (10-12 raises on each side)

Lying on your side, position your elbow underneath your shoulder, with your fingers facing away from you

  • Lift yourself up on to your forearm and the side of your foot
  • Brace your core to create a straight ‘plank’ between your chest to toe, lifting through the side of the hip
  • Pull your toes up in the direction of your face
  • Keeping the leg straight, lift and return in a controlled manner



Complete three to four circuits

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Video: Alex Atack

Video Editing: Surajit Dutta