Need motivation to get in shape? Fear not, every Sunday we will be giving you a workout to follow three times a week. This week Liz Sanchez from NYLA Method offers a basic 30-minute workout. #EWGetsFit



Knee lifts with arms forward (1 min)

Tips: High knees, arms shoulder height, core tall



Narrow Squat (1 min)

Pray twists(1 min)

Tips: Sit back into a chair position, zip legs together, pray at chest



Downward dog into straight arm plank (1 min)

Push ups on knees (1 min)

Tips: Head in line with spine, hands/elbows under shoulders in planks, arms in 90-degree angles in push ups, belly button to spine



Forearm plank with alternating knee bends(1 min)

Triceps lifts (2 min)

Deltoid in a V position: extend arms laterally and pull open (2 min)

Biceps in parallel position: band under both feet, hammer curls (2 min)

Tips: Keep band engaged, shoulders away from ears, core tall



Parallel no ball (kitten heels): pulses, down and up an inch (2 min)

Parallel with tuck and arms extended overhead (2 min)

Small V (kitten heels): down an up an inch, pulses, wraps (2 min)

Tips: Parallel: shoulders stacked over hips, hips over ankles, zip the thighs

Small V: Heels together toes apart, work at your lowest point



Four point kneeling position (1 min each leg)

Extended leg, tap floor and lift Hamstring curl (1 min each leg) 

Lift hold, 90 degree angle bent knee-stamping Nyla on the ceiling (1 min each leg)

Tips: Knee in line with hip, core lifted



Flat back (hands under lower back). Single switches in parallel, then turned out toe taps ankle crosses (3 min)

Ball behind the back (at base of spine). Pulses into ball and then obliques, pulsing right and left (3 min)

Tips: Press belly button towards spine into the floor or ball


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Video: Farooq Salik

Video Editing: Surajit Dutta