Need motivation to get in shape? Fear not, every Sunday we will be giving you a workout to follow at least three times a week. This week we give a 30-minute intermediate workout from NYLA Method.  #EWGetsFit 


Knee lifts with extended lateral arms, arm crosses, palm presses (1 min)

Tips: High knees, straight arms, core tall



Wide second centre into single leg pulses (1.5min)

Reach arms on diagonal into speed skater (30 sec)

Tips: Wide second – shoulders over hips, hips in line with knees, knees over ankles and in line with the second or third toe. Speed skater – arms long and straight.



Downward dog x 3, into straight-arm plank with 90-degree leg lifts (1min)

Push ups on knees (30 sec)

Forearm plank, hold into rocking, lift hips up and down (1 min)

Tricep dips right/left alternate straight leg to ceiling (30 sec)

Tips: Head in line with spine, hands/elbows under shoulders in planks, 90-degree angle in push ups, hands facing forward in dips, belly button to spine



(2 min each exercise)

Triceps: Kickbacks on all fours

Deltoid: kneeling cupids arrow

Biceps: curl kneeling strap under heel (repeat on opposite side)

Tips: Keep band engaged, shoulders away from ears, core tall



(3 min each exercise)

V position (kitten or high heels): turned out alternating leg lifts, down and up an inch, pulses, grand plié

Thigh dancing (ball between knees): hip tucks, hip lifts with full extension, lean backs

Tips: V position – shoulders over hips, hips over ankles, work from lowest point. Thigh dancing – hips hovering over heels, shoulders, hips and knees in line while leaning back



Back dancing with leg (2 min each leg)

Tucking hips on a flat foot

Tucking hips on a flexed heel into floor

Tucking hips on a pointed toe into floor

Tips: Hips stay off the floor the entire exercise, non-working leg is straight up to the ceiling while working leg changes positions. Tucks can be done slow then fast



(3 min each)

Flat back (hands under lower back): Mermaid walks, parallel and turned out toe taps and ankle crosses

Ball behind the back (at base of spine): Hands over-head pulses and feet slides towards torso

Tips: Press belly button towards spine into the floor or ball, point toes, long lean legs


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Video: Farooq Salik

Video Editing: Surajit Dutta