Need motivation to get in shape? Fear not, every Sunday we will be giving you a workout to follow at least three times a week. This week Stef from NYLA Method gives us an advanced workout.  #EWGetsFit 

WARM UP (1 min)

Knee lifts with stacked arms into twists

Tips: High knees, stacked arms in line with shoulders, twist elbow to opposite knee, core tall


HEAT BUILDER (2 min – 1min each side)

Curtsy Lunge: Down and up an inch, pulse with arms, back leg lift (repeat on opposite leg)

Tips: Down/up through centre, hinge forward to lift leg


CORE WORK (3 min – 30 sec each)

Downward Dog x 3, Straight arm plank into tricep push ups with posse

Full push up with pulse

Side planks with hip dips, then extension with posse dips (repeat on other side)

Straight leg into can can extension

Tips: Hands under shoulders, core tall, hips high


ARM WORK (6 min – 3 min each)

Deltoids (V-sit balance with rows) then triceps (straight arm extension)

Biceps (extended legs with curls)

Tips: Core tall, shoulders away from ears


THIGH WORK (6 min)

Warrior: Pulses, wraps, extensions, swings (repeat on opposite leg for 1.5min each side)

Wide 2nd: Pulses, hinge forward with arms and add pulses and wraps (3 min)

Tips: Wide 2nd core tall, shoulders over hips, hips in line with knees, knees over ankles and in line with the 2nd or 3rd toe


SEAT WORK (6min – 3 min each)

Elevated all fours – heel presses in 90-degree angle

Straight leg lift rotate to side with side lifts (repeat on opposite leg)

Tips: 90-degree angles, leg hip height


AB WORK  (6min – 3min each)

Flat back: Straight leg lower and lift, circles, shoulders off the floor with leg lifts

Ball behind the back (at base of spine): Elbow knee extension, leg side open, both leg lift repeat

Tips: Belly button to spine




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Video: Farooq Salik

Video Editing: Surajit Dutta