Winter Skin Saviours

When it comes to winter, whether you’re relaxing at a ski chalet or lounging by a pool in Dubai, the air is much drier than usual.  Samantha Hamilton-Rushforth gives us the run down of the top five products to make your skin glow.

Beauty Bulletin

1. Rosa Arctica Cream Dhs260 Kiehl’s

Formulated with the aptly named resurrection plant found in Antarctica, famed for its rejuvenating properties, this heavy day cream will protect your face against harsh winter climes. Ideal if you’re travelling afar.

2. Cellular Eye Essence Platinum Rare Dhs1,670 La Prairie

Inspired by the resistance of pure platinum metals, this eye serum sinks into the skin within minutes and brightens and lifts the eye area on contact.

3. Merveillance Expert Serum Dhs239 Nuxe

Formulated to fill in the appearance of fine lines, this hi-tech serum boasts instant lifting powers for eight hours and trains the skin to stay lifted after a week of daily usage.

4. Ultra Hydrating Biphasic Serum Dhs419 Eisenberg Paris at Paris Gallery

Packed with vitamins A and E, this lotion rebuilds damaged skin cells whilst slowing down the loss of hydration from the skin.

5. Vissionnaire Dhs650 Lancôme

So much more than a wrinkle corrector, this lightweight serum reverses the surface damage of UV rays and acne to leave you with a perfectly smooth skin tone.