The Fresh Prince packs in plenty of culture during a visit to Egypt and Morocco…

Now this is a story all about how… an A-list actor had the time of his life in the MENA region recently.

(No, there was sadly no way we could have made this entire article fit to the TV theme tune).

Superstar Will Smith has been visiting North Africa over the last week, and his travel snaps are truly a joyful sight to behold.

will smith giza

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The Collateral Beauty actor touched down in Cairo over the weekend while on vacation with his family, Al Arabiya reports.

The 48-year-old took in the ancient pyramids of Giza during his stay, and shared some snapshots on his Facebook page.

will smith giza

“Thanx for the Love, Egypt. I shall return,” Smith wrote in a post that’s since had more than 1.3 million likes.

Famed archaeologist Zahi Hawass showed the actor around the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid of Khufu, and the hashtag #EgyptWelcomesWillSmith starting trending on Twitter during Smith’s stay.

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The Oscar nominee also dropped by Morocco while overseas, and looked to be getting into the spirit of things by dancing to some traditional Gnawa beats.

Wearing a sheshia hat, Smith bopped around in the short clip as the group play the qraqab, a maraca-like instrument.

The actor later visited the Al Maqam artists’ residence, 30 kilometres outside Marrakech, where he painted with local creatives.

The actor is now reportedly in Tanzania, though his next destination is not known. We’re hoping it’s somewhere in the Middle East – we’ve been dying to use the headline Fresh Prince of Beirut…

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Images: Will Smith/Facebook