These women from the region hope to “foster greater understanding between women from Western and Arabian cultures”.

It’s a gruelling trek across plates of constantly shifting sea ice, but 11 women are on a mission to conquer the North Pole for one admirable reason.

A team of intrepid explorers from Europe and the Middle East will set out to reach the last degree on April 14 (weather permitting), skiing around 100 kilometres overall.

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The group, which includes representatives from Saudi Arabia, Oman and Kuwait, is making the daring trip in a bid to “foster greater dialogue and understanding between women from Western and Arabian cultures”, according to the mission website.

The expedition aims to inspire all women to reach beyond the expectation of others and fulfill their own life aspirations,” according to

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The Euro-Arabian North Pole Expedition 2018 “also aims to highlight women’s ability to adapt to difficult circumstances and to promote the principle of perseverance, will and determination”.

The excursion to the top of the world is expected to take around 10 days, with the team this month flying from Norway to a specially prepared runway on the Arctic Ocean’s ice.

The women have been preparing for many months, holding training sessions in Iceland and Oman’s desert, according to team member Lamees Nijem.

“Skiing for 10 hours every day. Moving in one line so our sledges don’t slide on one another. 90 minutes of skiing. 15 minutes break. What a structured routine,” the 28-year-old Kuwaiti designer revealed on Instagram.

Also taking part is Mariam Hamidaddin from Jeddah, who will become the first Saudi woman to ski the last degree to the Geographic North Pole if the mission is a success, according to Saudi Gazette.

“I applied for this expedition because it is a challenge and an opportunity. An adventure with a diverse group of women which is focused on community, personal growth and empowers people,” Hamidaddin told the publication.

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Here’s wishing the explorers the very best of luck on their journey.