“I believe in her vision for human rights across the board – women’s rights, immigrant rights and workers’ rights,” states Kerry Washington, who clearly isn’t in Team Donald Trump. “#imwithher,” she states defiantly, clarifying her allegiance to l. If ever there was a moment of #GirlPower then this is it.

Woman of the Year and the World’s Most Beautiful are just some of the many accolades attributed to Hollywood actress Kerry Washington, but after our interview with her, now we’re adding Most Inspirational to that list, too.

As the award-winning star from political TV drama Scandal, and the executive producer of Confirmation, the HBO film for which she also stars, Kerry is one smart cookie. She isn’t afraid to share her political beliefs (FYI: she’s on Team Clinton), or her opinions on #AllWhiteOscars, and she’s happy to reveal what seems to be her real life calling, helping women see their true potential (her role as brand ambassador for Neutrogena and its See What’s Possible campaign is testament to this).

Kerry Washington on the set of Scandal

Kerry Washington on the set of Scandal

On Neutrogena’s See What’s Possible campaign 

It aims to help women put their best face forward to the world. See What’s Possible is not about covering up your flaws and trying to be someone else, but just being the best version of yourself. It’s about looking in the mirror and feeling good about yourself and knowing that you have no limitations and nothing to hide.

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On dreaming big  

It is important to dream big, my dad taught me that. Always challenge yourself. If there is something you want to do, do some research about it, make sure that your dream is big enough and then give yourself small tangible steps along the way so it never feels unattainable.  Make sure you have smaller goals that move you toward your dream but dream big.  Find time to make sure that your dreams are the desires of your own heart because that is the life we should be living. Now, I have dreams for my daughter, for my family, for my parents, friends, for work, for health – I think it is important to have dreams.

Kerry Washington as the face of Neutrogena

Kerry Washington as the face of Neutrogena

On the power of women

All of us, as women, have proven that anything is possible. We’ve created a path for ourselves creating our own dreams. You need to be clear about what you want versus what you think others or society want for you.

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On her career

I want my career and life to be like a mountain that I continue to climb. I want to always be giving myself new challenges and things to reach for, not because I am dissatisfied or unfulfilled but because I want to stay inspired.  I want to be reaching towards things that will force me to grow.

kerry washington

Kerry Washington at this year’s controversial Oscars

On her greatest life lesson

Never stop learning. Remain teachable – once u get to a point where you think you’ve done learning then you will be in a lost of trouble. Life is about continuing to grow and learn.

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On Hillary Clinton

I’m proud to say #imwither. I’m excited and hopeful about Hillary Clinton becoming the first female president. I support her. She makes me feel hopeful. I believe in her vision for human rights across the board. She really believes in inclusivity, which is a value I hold close to my heart.

hilary clinton

Kerry is on Team Clinton

On #AllWhiteOscars

As a new member of the Academy, I want to be a part of the conversation so there is institutional change, so we never have a year like this again. You need all those voices at the table. It’s about women, about people of colour, it’s about age.

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On female beauty role models 

My mum is focused on beauty on the inside and the outside so beauty to me has always meant both looking good and feeling good. When I think of beauty icons I think of women in Hollywood who have really blazed their own trail so women like Julie Andrews and Barbara Streisand – women who have really fearlessly conquered different areas of the business and stood in their own unique beauty even if it wasn’t the ‘Hollywood norm’ at the time.

Kerry Washington

Kerry was once named Most Beautiful

On plastic surgery

I don’t know if I can say I will never have it.  I think it’s important to stay open in life and not be judgmental. We’ll see.

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