IN PARTNERSHIP: With centuries of history, an escape to Spain is all we need this season.

Madrid is a city full of superlatives from food to weather and music. Below are the insider tips on how to optimise your time in Spain’s beautiful capital.


Whether you’re on the lookout for an ultra-romantic urban retreat or a dreamy hotel in the heart of the city, Madrid’s hotels create the perfect cityscape to ensure your time in the Spanish capital is well-spent.

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The Hero Stays

Westin Palace, Mandarin Oriental Ritz, Four Seasons, The Madrid Edition and Rosewood Villa Magna Hotel


To take back a piece of the city’s deep-rooted traditions, visitors can shop for artisanal souvenirs and vintage fashion brands that embody Madrid’s history. Being one of the best shopping destinations in Europe, the city caters to everyone’s taste. From luxe purchasing spots to one-of-a-kind bohemian offerings, the list is endless.

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The Hero Spots

Galeria Canalejas, Salesas, Serrano and Salamanca


For all the fine-dining aficionados, an exquisite array of fine-dining and traditional concepts await those who are visiting. Begin a visit to the Spanish capital with dishes that offer a modern touch, fused with classic elements.

The Hero Restaurants

Michelin Star: DiverXo by Dabiz Muñoz, Coque by Mario Sandoval and two Repsol Suns.
Traditional: Botín


By keeping Madrid’s innate charm alive, famed galleries and museums lie at the heart of the city’s culture, giving visitors an opportunity to view its art collection and historical archive. With private tours, an intimate experience makes any visit all the more sought-after. With sprawling fauna encapsulating the city, an escape to the popular parks will make your experience even more memorable.

The Hero Spots

Madrid Rio Park, the Casa de Campo Park

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