The UAE’s pretty great to live in – just look at the tax-free salaries, never-ending sunshine, and miles of golden beaches – but ever wondered how it stacks up against the rest of the world?

The Expat Insider is one of the largest expat surveys in the world, quizzing 14,000 people to serve up an in-depth annual analysis of all aspects of life outside your native country.

From quality of life to ease of settling in, and personal finance to family life, it touches on pretty much everything that comes with moving to another country.

So how do the Emirates stack up against the rest of the world this year?

Quality of working life in the UAE

On the overall quality of working abroad ranking – the UAE wasn’t too high up the list, placing 36th out of 67 countries.

Luxembourg, Taiwan and Germany topped the list, with Brazil, Italy and Greece at the bottom.

As far as job and career satisfaction go, the UAE ranked mid-way at 31st.

However, when it came to work-life balance, it seems the UAE falters – coming in at 54th out of 67 countries.

The UAE picked back up a bit on job security – albeit still not great – placing at 26th. Luxembourg, Germany and Taiwan took the top three spaces.

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Family life

How does family life stack up for those living in the UAE?

The countries were given an overall ranking based on the availability of childcare and education, costs of childcare and education, quality of education and family well-being.

For the availability of childcare and education, the UAE was ranked 31st out of 67 countries. Finland, South Africa and the Czech Republic took the top three spots.

With regards to costs of childcare and education, the UAE was 39th, with Finland, Sweden and the Czech Republic sitting in the top three.

Quality of education-wise, the UAE was 28th, with Finland taking the top spot again

As far as family well-being goes, the UAE was 12th – leading to an overall family life ranking of 33 for the UAE.

Personal finance satisfaction & cost of living

As far as being satisfied with their financial situation, UAE residents aren’t too high up the list…

The UAE ranked at 57 out of 67 countries with regards to personal finance satisfaction. In last place was Greece, and in first place was Taiwan.

Happiness with the cost of living didn’t fare much better, with the UAE at 51st on the list.

How do you think the UAE rates for quality of life? Let us know in the comments!

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