Welcome to the Emirates Woman series of where we share our favourite must-haves, tried-and-testing products and also what’s in trend right now. From perfumes to sneakers, you’re in the right place for the know-how on what we love here.

This week in the series is the team’s edit of signature scents. Be it vanity closet classics or modern fragrances curated with a nuanced touch, each perfume has its own personality that stands the test of time.

Whether the classic Baccarat Rouge 500 or Tom Ford’s latest Oud release, there’s an infinite range of perfumes to choose from according to your scent palate.

To bring those nostalgic memories associated with our favourite fragrances, the Emirates Woman did some digging to share their cult favourites with hints of rose, patchouli, neroli and more.

So, take notes from the Emirates Woman team to see what’s currently on our list and you might get some inspiration for your next purchase too.

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Images: Supplied