Words by Kirstyn Lewis – Founder of the Karmic Soul

Get ready, everyone! On October 19, we start to move into our next Scorpio-Taurus Eclipse energy. The most important dates will be October 25 for the New Moon in Scorpio Solar Eclipse and November 8 for the Full Moon in Taurus Lunar Eclipse.

The Moon, as we know, relates to how we feel, our unconscious self and the feminine divine. An Eclipse is defined by how close the Sun is to the karmic North and South Nodes in your natal chart. It is easier to remember that an Eclipse is a sign that a significant personal change is about to happen in your life, pulling you closer to your true life path.

This will be an intense Eclipse season with some major planetary movements. Saturn oversees our security and safety and is moving out of a reflective retrograde period to station direct in Aquarius on October 23. He has been very focused on restructuring your future, and given that he’s been in retrograde since June, he didn’t want you to miss a big opportunity. If you haven’t knowingly made a change this year, he’s asking why you gave your power away. Mars in Gemini is also weighing into the debate, probing and questioning everything, wanting to know what affects your mental well-being.

The mystical Scorpio season starts on October 24, so the planets will all be perfectly aligned and ready for the New Moon Eclipse on October 25. It will have you thinking about who you are, where you want to go, or why you’ve been blocked until now. Has someone tried to dim your light? They may be jealous of your spiritual energy. It looks like someone changed the rules as they went along to stay in power. Look inwards; could you be your own worst enemy?

There is a Yod, or Finger of God, pointing to the answer, but will you accept your spiritual assignment? If you’ve been unable to stand up for what you want, you have a unique chance to change the situation. The Scorpio Eclipse can rescue you by helping detox, purge, or declutter your life. She will move you away from the emotional confusion, chaos, and blocking behaviours. We all know that Scorpio can lend itself to being disruptive and assertive when the case arises.

Trust your instincts. Now is the time to ask deeply probing questions and let go of what holds you back. You won’t be able to move forward or even begin to meet another (more wonderful and loving) partner until this happens. Pay attention to the house topics every Eclipse touches and what is happening around those dates because the changes only occur once in every zodiac sign and the corresponding house every 18 years.

Is your head spinning yet? We’re still painting the picture! Expansive Jupiter makes his once-a-year sign change into Pisces on October 23, two days before Halloween. You may find yourself yearning for some sense of altered reality. Jupiter will remind you to think back to March through mid-May when he asked you to gamble on something you would be successful in and, more importantly, enjoy. If you missed that opportunity, you are now given one more chance until December 21. But will you take it? Jupiter is at the tail end of his full zodiac transit in Pisces, so he is rather tired. His energy suggests you are without direction, possibly rudderless or drowning in work.

And then, just before Halloween arrives, Mars Retrogrades in Gemini on 30 October. Mars is heavily activated, but regardless of all the irritations, uncertainty, and chaos, you can improve your situation; it just requires a little effort from you.

By October 31, you will be able to let go of any intensely felt emotions, deeply rooted sexual desires, behaviours, or manipulation by another holding you back. Scorpionic energy can sometimes leave us feeling quite insecure, as it tends to bring out our selfish side. You needn’t turn love into hatred or continue to invest in another’s drama. Try instead to celebrate the annual passing of souls more artistically. Create an outfit inspired by the object of your revenge. Scorpio rules surgery, so create cuts, burns, scolds, and weapons, and incorporate them into your Halloween outfit with generous lashings of fake blood. Get in touch with your Inner Child and have some long overdue, cackling good fun.

You can look forward to the Taurus Lunar Eclipse on November 8, illuminating your destined path. She wants to shine a light on your natural genius and your perfect vocation. Taurus in this lunation will rarely settle for second best. Whatever is revealed, be assured you will excel. This is not the time to rest on your laurels, so guard against pride, laziness and being too set in your ways. Try to be humble.

The Taurus Eclipse may attract a loyal partner in work or love; it appears you have several opportunities. You may initially find them challenging, but they accept you for who you are and encourage your ambition. Be prepared to open yourself to the unexpected; it could be just what you’ve been searching for, but you don’t know it yet.

The stars will guide you, follow the lunar light, and all will be revealed.

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Images: Instagram @yana.porter.art